I noticed that the lower speaker of my Pixel 2XL is noticably louder than the upper speaker.. Does stereo only mean I get sound from both speakers but doesnt mean the same volume? Since I noticed this I cannot "unhear" it.. 😭

In case you missed it (what I don't think since it's every in the news): A big social community planned and executed something that is referred to as a Google-bomb. Google images shows pictures of Trump if you google 'idiot' 😂👍

For my bachelorthesis I need to capture the content of my application and stream it live to my android app. The application is written in c++. I can't get it to work, time is running out too quickly and I bashed my head around so many possible solutions. I tried live555, gstreamer, capturing images with normal c++ and sending them with tcp/udp. I tried to stream it with osb and use a videoview from vitamioo, literally nothing works. My advisor is gone for the rest of the study and I am out of ideas..

Mhm. So the new google assistant updates seem to be a bit buggy. Crashes almost always when doing just about anything with it. Maybe because I am using the newest beta? Has anyone tested the new assistant features with or without the android p beta? The text says that the assistant has stopped working (for what am I paying him?? 😂🙈)

@starfleet What language is this bot written in? Cool bot though! 😁👍

The people of Bhutan didn't even want to have a democratic government. They were happy with their king! The king ordered his people to be democratic. Yet, a culture of monks have created one of the happiest and probably social furthest advanced nation of the world. Their co2-emission is negative and they export green energy! All that within years without losses on any other side! I think the western world is dominated by money too heavily. True words can't be spoken and turned to actions, if money reigns.

Bhutan is a really interesting country. I saw a TED Talk about their constitution, politics and social activities. They have free health care, education and a negative co2-emission! Everything the "advanced" western and eastern world lag behind. How come that noone talks about them and even worse: how come that our highly paid politicians cant even do something that could be comparable by the slightest means?..I always thought of our political system as really good and advanced, but this is just ridiculous.

Is there a way to troot at another instance?

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Why is it that we're "Mastodon for technology folks" but we don't have a lot of tech-related custom emoji?

Where's my Rust, Linux, Python, GitLab, FOSS, Kotlin, Fedora emojis? How come other instances have them, but we, the primary instance for tech stuff, do not?

I started to read books that are written in english. To some part because they are not translated to my mothertongue yet and to some part because I want to improve my english skills. My reading speed is not the same as with a german book, but I get along. Somehow reading english text is not the same as reading german (mothertongue) text. I don't remeber as much and the text doesn't feel as alive as usually.. can someone understand what I'm feeling or has the same impression with other languages?

I want to write a bot for mastodon.
A quick google search showed me a guide on how to write a bot for mastodon in ruby or the mastodon documentation.
However I would like to write one in Java. Do you know of any (hidden) blogs/posts/links I missed that teach me that? 🤔

I quite like online tests and online exams. Could you imagine such techniques in schools und universities? The transition to digitized exams and tests seems to be quite slow though..


I really love the federated timeline. That is, what I am missing on twitter and other social networks. A filter might be useful 🤔

@robots@niu.moe In a nutshell, I wish you good luck and hope you will find a person that seems interesting to you in means of character and interests. :)

Every instance of Mastodon is like a standalone social network. 

I am really not used to this decentralized social network idea. I just caught myself trying to log in on mastodon.social multiple times, swearing and not knowing, why I cant log myself in (I created my account just yesterday so I was pretty confident about my login data). I even tried to reset my password but wouldn't get any email.
And know I sit here and picture myself in the "What did I expect?"-gif. xD media.giphy.com/media/LycfkVG4

I just wrote the test for skills in web programming in my class. I think I did quite well, but still, wish me luck! 😅

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I have looked into the playstore and couldn't decide on which app to use for Mastodon. Any recommendations? Or is the webview still the best as of now? 😅

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