I started to read books that are written in english. To some part because they are not translated to my mothertongue yet and to some part because I want to improve my english skills. My reading speed is not the same as with a german book, but I get along. Somehow reading english text is not the same as reading german (mothertongue) text. I don't remeber as much and the text doesn't feel as alive as usually.. can someone understand what I'm feeling or has the same impression with other languages?

@Penguin Unless you grew up with the language, reading a secondary language doesn't fit into the symbol groups embedded in our minds. In time, the culture the secondary language becomes more clear and the language more natural. Running things through Google translate and playing with it using their tools can help in this learning process.

@AskChip Thanks for the tip! I always try to straight up google the word and take a note on the side. :)

@Penguin To be honest I would never have known you weren't a native english speaker, your usage of colloquialisms is quite accurate.

@AskChip Thanks 😱 I love the english language for its pronounciation and normally ease of use.

@Penguin I feel the same way reading German. Proper nouns and made up words are my nemeses and I end up focusing more on the words than the book or article.

@nobdy This. On point. Stories help me the most because I can picture them more easily and imagine the scene. Pure facts or knowledge rather looks like a grey wall to me.
Why do you read german books? Pure interest or because of work?

@Penguin I used to be functionally fluent a decade plus ago so every now and then I pick a random scifi book or try to read the news. It's not a very fruitful exercise because I don't have the discipline to stick with it and I don't have a lot of German speaking friends to practice out loud with. My kids think they're fluent because they can say Gesundheit, Guten Morgen, and "Die Deutschen lieben David Hasselhof" but they're not quite conversational.

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