Hi Derek,
I installed Archlabs Openbox last night. Wow! What a light distro! With Polybar and RealVNC server running this distro is only using 260MB of ram and 1% of CPU. Now I'm going to spend some time customizing it to my taste.

Hi Derek,
On this past Sunday's open chat you mentioned that you should probably get a mixer to enable you to adjust audio levels of participants on the fly. I assume this would be a software mixer. What would the cost be or would it be foss?

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Hi Derek,

I downloaded and installed OpenSuse Leap XFCE in a vm this morning and I have to say that I'm extremely impressed with the overall speed of the system, especially for being in a vm. I'm running it on an Asus ROG GL502V laptop with i7 processor and 12GB of ram. I had only played with it for about an hour before I heard to crash for the evening. I would like your opinion replacing Linux Mint with Leap. Are there anything good reasons I should not do this such as stability issues etc.


Thanks Derek! Guess I'll be leaving Mint installed on my friends machine. Take Care!

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