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“Enter . By combining the land dedicated to panels with the land dedicated to , it is possible to avoid some of these pitfalls [e.g. soil stability and water retention, carbon sequestration, food provision]. Growing plants beneath elevated solar panels protects them from the sun in hot, dry places and helps the soil retain moisture […]”

"The amount of space available on the rooftops of Walmarts, Targets, Home Depots, Costcos, and other large stores and shopping malls in the continental U.S. is staggering. Environment America estimates that it amounts to 7.2 billion square feet, or about the size of El Paso, Texas. Even tiny little Rhode Island has 279 stores that span at least 25,000 square feet each.

"...David Hughes, an environmental anthropologist at Rutgers University, has a more radical idea. When Grist spoke with him last fall, he suggested that when the owners of these large flat rooftops fail to take advantage of their solar potential, they should forfeit their rights to do so to the community or municipality."

"Why doesn’t every big box store have rooftop #solar?"


Der ADAC hat zusammen mit dem ÖAMTC und der Stiftung Warentest 12 Wallboxen getestet. 10 Modelle werden mit gut bewertet, zwei sind mangelhaft. Der Testsieger unter den Ladestationen ist gleichzeitig die günstigste Variante.
Elektroautos: Günstigste Wallbox gewinnt Vergleichstest

#Solar #Solarenergie

Nehme gerne Hinweise
zu alten Solarpanelen im Raum #Berlin entgegen.

Also wenn ihr hört, das wo die alten #Solarpanele vom Dach geholt werden, gebt gerne Bescheid.

Werden gebraucht zur Weiterverwendung für Balkonkraftwerke Solarsteckerkraftwerk mit Wechselrichter einfach in die Steckdose.

Wer hat Lust mitzumachen?

Gemeinsam macht mehr Spaß. :blobcoffee:

Gerne #retröten

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"Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) created a solar cell with a record 39.5% efficiency under 1-sun global illumination. This is the highest efficiency solar cell of any type, measured using standard 1-sun conditions."

Studies the evolving international #energy landscape, creating databases, reports, and interactive tools that enhance understanding. #climatechange #openscience #openaccess @GlobalEnergyMon #climateaction #renewables #climate #sustainability

Can agro-jet fuels* be scaled-up?✈️ Let's see what footnote 113 says 🧵 👇

*agro-jet fuel are often revered to bio jet fuel but in large scale, there is nothing "bio" about them

hey @e_mydata,
your white avatar makes it look like you do not use an avatar at all 😌 thank you for your amazing work, cheers ✌🏼

If you're using the official Mastodon app, you can now view your server's Local timeline:

1.Click 🔍 "Search" at the bottom

2. Click on the "Community" tab at the top

The Local timeline shows all the public posts by people on that server. It works best on small, themed servers, and helps you find interesting posts and people.

On larger servers like, the Local timeline will be an unreadable firehose though.

You can look at other servers' local timelines on their websites (more info at

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #LocalTimeline #MastodonApp

Neue Regierung, neue Töne: Australien soll „Supermacht der erneuerbaren Energien“ werden. Mehr dazu gibt es in der neuen taz und uter

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