Just posted my latest VLog series video about circuit boards. This is the first video in my journey from my FIRST PCB, to a very complex board needed for a project.


I'm building a full size, fully functional "Chopper" from . It will be controlled remotely, powered by . Here is a video of the two legs installed and driving around. I also started the motions for the two-->three-->two leg conversions. Check it out!


Amazon Alexa powered L3-37 voice assistant. The irony of making L3-37 a robot slave isn't lost on me, but this project is a lot of fun and the first time I used a Raspberry Pi! It's open source so you can build your own! Or make your own character and just use the code.


So why did you move over to Mastadon? Is this a twitter alternative for everyone? I never got into twitter much, but hoping I can get into this platform. Gotta admit, it's a little strange with all the different instances and how they interact, but so far so good i guess.

Time to introduce myself! Hi .technology, I'm Patrick. I have a youtube channel where I do open source 3D printed robotics projects. I"m currently working on a Star Wars Droid, a cosplay costume and an electric skateboard build! Come check it out or follow me here on Mastodon for updates!


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