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my linux is based on 16.04 ubuntu, so the newer ++17 supporting compiler versions do not come out of the box. After some fiddling with repositories, I can finally get a list of files printed using g++-8 and the now standard <filesystem> header with the "most advanced" language in the world...

(btw I could not achieve the same with clang-7 no matter what)

Suppose you are the last human on earth, with many years to live.

Would you enjoy doing what you enjoy doing now?

Is this an important question?

Pascal's triangle and advertised Jobs, specifically IT jobs in my case;

AGE JOBS in K (sum the rows)

50+ 11
1 2 1
40+ 1 3 3 1
..... ................
30+ 1 20 190 1140 4845 15504 38760 ........... 20 1

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Imagine a social tool that has a minimalist text based look and use. Something readable.

And now go back to reality of memes gifs avatars jpegs sidebars banners emojis of real world.

Now this:

Seems like US president is not clear where/what Baltics vs Balkans are... Our proud, all American attitude dictates us to be proud nevertheless of course, we are forced to say "who cares about those things anyway?"

; a for mobile & web that syncs personal data with an arbitrary instance. That way my bookmarks history passwords etc is only kept on he that I have access to.

Come to think of it a cross application standarf format to store basic browsing data is not a bad idea { book mark structure, recently visited, cookie etc, password double secured}

Guy tries to help humanity do better by limiting time wasted on game play :) he will be sentenced up to 10 years.

Seriously, video game hours/days spent can be seen as such a waste.

US man pleads guilty to game hacking charges

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uspol - suggested reading of the day: 

"Why did Stalin purge his generals and most of his old allies?"

one of the influences of mastodon on me: .

I had not touched fountain pens for years, before which I had quite enjoyed using for a long stretch, even built a collection of them, just to end it all by ridiculing myself on how meaningless it is to use ink in the digital age.

And now once again I feel like I want to write on paper without keyboard and definitely with the liquidity of the ink. All the inky posts did help I am sure.

If you repeatedly flip a coin and stop when you have flipped 2 consecutive heads after how many flips you are expected to stop? 

strangely divergent, isnt it?

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One of those days, running errands, putting up blinds, cooking, eating, shopping, doing nothing much interesting, tooting in between.


trump said lets give corporation huge tax breaks this year, it will help with economy creating jobs etc. Well Job numbers are certainly good now, but not sure the tax break really helped there, let's talk where the tax break money was spent in $billions: not all companies spent it on new investments, many paid bond holders/closed debts, quite a few bought back their own stocks and large employee buyout offers for voluntary separation were very popular too. All these are great for stock holders.

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Because of the G+ (coming) closure, I have tried 5 different social networks recently for its replacement. And Mastodon is one of them.

I have some thoughts on Mastodon. What is your thought on this?

speed read - between the lines 

"the white super pharmacists selling radically charged drugs to groups of minors by the border"

oh my it is 9:21 PM and I am drinking fresh brewed coffee, it will be a looong night

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