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Guy tries to help humanity do better by limiting time wasted on game play :) he will be sentenced up to 10 years.

Seriously, video game hours/days spent can be seen as such a waste.

US man pleads guilty to game hacking charges

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one of the influences of mastodon on me: .

I had not touched fountain pens for years, before which I had quite enjoyed using for a long stretch, even built a collection of them, just to end it all by ridiculing myself on how meaningless it is to use ink in the digital age.

And now once again I feel like I want to write on paper without keyboard and definitely with the liquidity of the ink. All the inky posts did help I am sure.

If you repeatedly flip a coin and stop when you have flipped 2 consecutive heads after how many flips you are expected to stop? Show more

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One of those days, running errands, putting up blinds, cooking, eating, shopping, doing nothing much interesting, tooting in between.

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Because of the G+ (coming) closure, I have tried 5 different social networks recently for its replacement. And Mastodon is one of them.

I have some thoughts on Mastodon. What is your thought on this?

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oh my it is 9:21 PM and I am drinking fresh brewed coffee, it will be a looong night

Our new and wonderful society:
We are used to watching wars on video, reality TV is part of the living room for most, real pain as long as it is behind a glass cover is always worth looking at.

We have cocooned the little empathy we had with callousness made out of virtual muffling silk, it is quite untouchable by now.

Dutch police shocked as crowd film man fighting for life:

Looks like today Apple is learning a lesson in consequences of selling overpriced hardware... ~7% down

I watched a 1hr cppcon 2018 video on tube, the speaker was trying to explain why there are ~19 variable initialization syntaxes in c++ and why they all have their times that they work, or work in an unexpected way or give error... Than on quora I read how cpp is more and more ahead of other languages...🙄

Was Halloween the last party before the winter hit people with cold, hunger and disease? Is it the last chance to mock and challenge evils to come with strength and dignity?

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RT Bomb Squad by h/t cc:


how do I solve this problem? any normal human being has multiple facades and interests, just because my id belongs to why would I only post about technology, or when I feel the need ,how can I post on other topics to a suitable mastodon instances that are more receptive to those subjects without causing folks to say this does not belong here? Hope the answer will not be have multiple ids... (Incidentally google+ was good for that kind of thing, RIP)

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