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Listening to Copland's Appalachian Spring while slowly preparing food. Listening to this album on Thanksgiving day is becoming a family tradition who knows maybe my grandchildren one day will talk about me starting a tradition :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all shades of fellow Americans.

Eating food with friends and family in the comforts of our places, let's think of how most of us were immigrants at one point, and if judged by what is happening today with immigrants all around, does it look likely the existing population welcomed and opened their food stores to share with new comers or is Thanksgiving still a myth that we want to become and not yet there.

Enjoy all food, comforts and "friemily" and please share what you can.


Ouch! It seems to me, I am not the only one that has a love and hate relationship with c++.

On the side : I think c++ overall still has a better chance to become the most performant-efficient, expressive, modern language compared to a new comer language that has a tough time to gain popularity for use and projects. Yes it has many short comings compared to more recent languages but the modernization effort is real. So keeping a wishlist is also hopeful.


Yes and yes, it can be constructed.

From expressing intention perspective an enum class is very clear and concise on what the developer is trying to do.

Wish list:

enum class that allows underlying type to be an arbitrary struct not just an integral type.

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Sad but true:

rust has 2 types of literals for ranges one is with 2 dots other with 3 dots.

1. for i in 1..10 {
// open ended range
// 1 is included but not 10
println!("{}", i);
} // in this form if you want closed end range use '..='

2. let x = match { // only closed end range but different syntax
1...10 => x, // inclusive 1 & 10
_ => 0

Usage of these range literals are NOT interchangeable!


Buy clothes made for labor to use at work. , Denim or any other material is made such that it is heavy enough to last under those conditions.

In US places like Sears always carry some. You can have a vacation with the rest of the money that you would have spent for the other suggestions listed above.

but not USB-C drive? It must have been thrown long time ago :)

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my linux is based on 16.04 ubuntu, so the newer ++17 supporting compiler versions do not come out of the box. After some fiddling with repositories, I can finally get a list of files printed using g++-8 and the now standard <filesystem> header with the "most advanced" language in the world...

(btw I could not achieve the same with clang-7 no matter what)

Suppose you are the last human on earth, with many years to live.

Would you enjoy doing what you enjoy doing now?

Is this an important question?

Pascal's triangle and advertised Jobs, specifically IT jobs in my case;

AGE JOBS in K (sum the rows)

50+ 11
1 2 1
40+ 1 3 3 1
..... ................
30+ 1 20 190 1140 4845 15504 38760 ........... 20 1

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Funny I know mastodon.el and because my emacs instance had issues with the jpgs, i spent lots of time trying to make that work :) I guess humans are not consistent is proven by those past actions and my tool. I had no idea on media flag, thx. May try again later today.

Imagine a social tool that has a minimalist text based look and use. Something readable.

And now go back to reality of memes gifs avatars jpegs sidebars banners emojis of real world.



Does its financial model mean it is an ad delivery tool?

Now this:

Seems like US president is not clear where/what Baltics vs Balkans are... Our proud, all American attitude dictates us to be proud nevertheless of course, we are forced to say "who cares about those things anyway?"

; a for mobile & web that syncs personal data with an arbitrary instance. That way my bookmarks history passwords etc is only kept on he that I have access to.

Come to think of it a cross application standarf format to store basic browsing data is not a bad idea { book mark structure, recently visited, cookie etc, password double secured}

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