I have been away from mastodon and techy stuff, I miss it. I hope I can reconnect

@vonhaller indeed, all I get is subscribe and pay to read.

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Apparently someone managed to call Amazon's support, tricked and convinced them into changing my account's email, ordered something, and eventually proceeded to delete my entire account.

Now Amazon's support refuses to help me for data protection reasons 😂

Looks like it's enough to know someone's address to hijack their #amazon account.

I read this headline it did not make sense, I read the article I am still in shock this can happen.


@GluedToTheScreen hocus pocus and smoke screen cheap tricks have always attracted me 😉

Exactly when was it observed and written that this sentence consists of two hundred forty-six characters in total: sixty-six vowels, one hundred thirty-three consonants, thirty-five spaces, one colon, six commas, four dashes, and a question mark?

@tommasz MS did a good job in extending Atom for code dev and made it a nice multiplatform MS Code tool, the added value was large due to focus and support from MS (not sure how they plan to monetize it), there can be added value, but what is the plan after that? will they push adds etc? unbelievable everyone wants to make money from ads, what a society we have...

"God created man in his own image" is one of the biggest give away of where religion originates.

Everything we create heavily uses perspective and concepts from our own human experience so as to make them meaningful to man kind.

If you are using , I highly recommend to turn off *any* automatic updates for stability and to avoid wasting time.


I am thinking, kids with no teenage angst would sell to most parents, there is money in this designer baby business :)

This morning's musings:

We have a society where individuals spend considerable time on making videos on box openings for commercial goods. And the rest watch it. As if that is it, there is not much more else to life.

It is strange how easily we can assume our given roles in any game and be happy playing it. Imagine if we were not able to accept meaningless things as normal, we would all have hard time with our existence.


Web crawler? Crontab execution of a schedule? Be nostalgic like talk to others who are logged in?



Seriously now, maybe they can sell that surge protector as an insect trap?

Check if it over heating, it is not supposed to maybe the heat is attracting the ants?


Oh boy I am confused, so what makes a distro a distro? This is even more confusing than the non-binary-gender thing :) maybe they also ported Deb into fedora etc, go get your own cool desktop fedora :)

"My ideal is not to create any garbage, thus eliminating the need for a garbage collector: Do not litter!"

Bjarne Stroustrup

Today the usual amount of coffee does not seem to be enough, it must be the extended Thanksgiving weekend super relaxation that is taking over.



It would be hard to argue schools, colleges, universities are trying to preserve the condition they are there to address.


The system is obviously seen as evil by some of us, and it is not difficult to see why, just look at the ecological impacts, health impacts, the world-wide skewed wealth and income distribution ...

The question I had after reading the post was if the system was ever not evil in our history?

Are we on a path to get any better?
Is the frustration with the speed of improvement? Or is it getting worse? Certainly the system we have is getting larger and so are it's impacts.

Being on Mastodon you would be excused to think maybe and in bottles are having a come back.

But it is just the coming together if the nerds that gives that feeling.

I tried to buy bottle of ink in NY area and believe me all I got from various retail establishments was maybe I should try "online" for that kind of thing, these are stationary stores etc.

I am looking for a large size ereader for .pdf and .epubs, I love eink devices, but my reader is 6" and it is hard on my already poor eyesight, I did not see anything rated good overall for eink 9" + size. On the other hand amazon fire 10" tablets are very affordable, any experience using them as readers?

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