Why does half of the world call tea something like TEE and the other half use a word like CHAI?

It all depends which route was used to originally import tea. In Chinese the one symbol for tea 茶 is pronounced differently, up north as "cha" and coastal/south region as "te".

If the Portuguese introduced tea to your country you probably call it as tea and if it arrived by land something like cha.

This bumper sticker gave me giggles in a bad traffic.

I started thinking what else it may also say "any person with integrity" , "anyone who makes sense"...

Today I start with tea, coffee can come later, I have a simple way to do tea, not as elaborate as my coffee steps.

- use a closable metal spoon to get the leaves.
- I bent the spoon handle so it hooks to the rim of the large size cup
- pour water and use a silicone cover to trap the heat - bent spoon handle helps here too.
- steep as long as to your taste, but do not please never keep the tea so long in water to turn the tea bitter 😄
- let it cool slightly with cover off, and enjoy !

My name is Otuk and this sentence contains two hundred twenty-six characters in total: sixty-four vowels, one hundred seventeen consonants, thirty-four spaces, six commas, three dashes, one colon, and at the very end a period.


My name is Otuk and this sentence contains one hundred fifty-four letters, twenty-nine spaces, five commas, three dashes, one period, and all in all one hundred ninety-two characters in total.

Meta/mathical creation of the day.

"This sentence has seventy-six letters, thirteen spaces, three commas, one dash and one period."

I never liked the icon, now that I switched to UI base emacs from terminal emacs usage - I tried to synthesize an application icon which I do not claim to be better in any way but at least different than the traditional emacs icon.

Moved to a new place.

Got the Verizon FIOS Gigabit/quantum connected for data. Verizon is supposed to be the fastest/best in my area, but speed tests show results not as good as I had expected.

Compiled this from google dictionary results. Did you know you can also see word usage trends? pretty cool stuff for me. Make your own deductions.

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