Wish list:

enum class that allows underlying type to be an arbitrary struct not just an integral type.

@Otuk that's basically a struct with a few static fields and a private constructor


Yes and yes, it can be constructed.

From expressing intention perspective an enum class is very clear and concise on what the developer is trying to do.

@Otuk well, C++ is not the right language if you value clearness and conciseness ;)


Ouch! It seems to me, I am not the only one that has a love and hate relationship with c++.

On the side : I think c++ overall still has a better chance to become the most performant-efficient, expressive, modern language compared to a new comer language that has a tough time to gain popularity for use and projects. Yes it has many short comings compared to more recent languages but the modernization effort is real. So keeping a wishlist is also hopeful.

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