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Time to write a shit load of unit tests methinks.

Now that's a bug and a half. Passing 2 identical strings into the same method at different parts of the program. One returns the desired result, the other returns an empty string...

My desk is the closest one to the entrance at the moment, and we're having works done on all the main doors this week to install new locks and stuff. *So much hammering*

I'm starting to want 1440p monitors more and more for my desktop. Using them at work is great, because the resolution is high enough for me to have 3 terminals in columns next to each other, which makes really comfy.

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Welcome to the Church of Microsoft Hate. We meet, online, pretty much constantly. The altar is incredibly filthy as we burn Microsoft in effigy pretty much non-stop. In the vestibule we have a big poster of Bill Gates, and we ask that parishoners keep the rotten veg throw rate below 2 tons a minute because the kids charged with shoveling the splatter are working as fast as they can. To say nothing of the kid with the holy squeege.

Not like I was in the middle of deploying an environment or anything. Definitely no important work to do that requires having a working VM.

Nope. Dead VM.Can't even boot in safe mode. Back to the very beginning we go!

"Operating" system... can't even live up to its fucking name. I guess "Windows" sort of fits because that's exactly what I want to throw it out of.

ffs. New BSOD error now. Interrupt exception not handled. Doesn't even get to the login screen. Actually fuck this "software".

Starting to think this VM might be beyond help

Why do I install all the updates whilst Windows is running, then it says all the updates are installed and it just needs a reboot, but when you reboot it, it starts spending *another* half an hour installing even more shit.

Oh great. Now it's just killing itself after about 5 minutes. Guess I'm rolling back to last week and trying the update again. Would really rather not spend all of today just getting increasingly angry with this fucking disgrace of an OS.

Boot up . Immediate . Reboots, tries to update a bit. Gets to logon screen. Password entry box just isn't there. Reboot. Another immediate BSOD. Reboot again. Gets to logon screen. Password box finally appears.

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Finally, the fediverse icon mosaic is finished - and I love the result :blobheartcat:

#art #mastoart #fediverse #inkscape

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Librem 5 Smartphone -- July Update.

So much amazing stuff going on. Including Calls, Messages, Web, Contacts, Settings, and more.

I guess on the bright side there are far fewer symbols everywhere and my code is noticeably shorter in a lot of places. I can definitely get used to this.

Genuinely concerned right now, because my coding style has sort of suddenly changed with no conscious thought or intention behind it. None of it anything like the style we use at work either.

Started getting rid of the braces with if statements with single-statement bodies too now. Little worried about what'll happen next...

For whatever reason, I've apparently started making significantly greater use of the ternary if operators, and I'm liking them a lot.

Made first real push to my . Going to make sure I do a much better job of it than previous attempts. Also hoping that because this one will be so much simpler, it'll take far less time to make, meaning I can plough through this and get on with a parser next.

Yeeeeeeesssssss it's alive!!! I expect it's possible to optimise this script more because at the moment you can see it shifting everything around quickly, but in a way, I sort of like that look, like you get to see the automation happening.

Either way, it takes 0.2 seconds tops, so it's really not a hit to efficiency.

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