How in the fuck has that thing not timed out?! It's just been dialling for like 10 minutes now. Fucking give up they're not going to answer you.

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Somewhere, there is a phone ringing really loudly, and it's annoying the fuck out of me.

Can meetings just be banned please? Took an hour that was 90% one of the devs trying to explain to the solution architect that he's talking utter nonsense, then the last 5 minutes were actually laying out what the fuck we're actually going to do.

It's just bizarre how as soon as you put people in a work environment, their ability to communicate goes down the toilet.

@apathetic_bystander The one suggestion I give to basically every rice I see like this is to add some padding on your terminals. Seriously, it's surprising just how much roomier everything feels when you've got just 10px or so of space around the text before the edge of the window.

@fribbledom @kde See now I want to know how on earth they managed the look at 1:11 because it's nuts.

@rumblestiltskin Get a relatively low desk and a tray. Keyboard on the tray on your lap, monitors on the desk in front of the sofa. Much more comfortable than you expect it to be.

@nikoheikkila Seems like a waste of effort though. Why invest all the effort twice when they could've GPL'd it? Unless they're trying to hide something malicious.

The existence of shampoo implies the existence of shampee. In this paper I will

@luvo I have a Niu Mini 40. Little 40% ortholinear keyboard and I've put a Dvorak layout on it. Picture of my actual one here (, or there's a much better picture of what they look like here (

@leeb One other guy gave up after 10 minutes so we all left too. 5 minutes after than we get an email and he's moved it to Monday, except it's right at the same time as the daily dev meeting.

He could've typed out what he wanted to say and most of us could've responded by now. Fuck meetings.

@bclindner @mdszy That's enough powerlines to hook up a small city holy fuck.

@leeb Fortunately it's over Teams so I can just carry on with whatever with my mic muted until I hear speech. Just seems pretty stupid to organise a vague meeting and then just not turn up.

This guy organised a meeting for 4:30, gave it a really vague name so nobody knows what the fuck its about, and he hasn't even turned up yet.

@rvk Just found your Bitochan font and I think I may have found a new favourite. It looks absolutely awesome.

I have a single request though: how much of a pain would it be to create a heavy variant? Something that looks like the bold form of the current one when regular, but then has a bold form on top of that? I mostly ask because I tend to prefer the look of chonkier fonts (currently I use Ubuntu Mono bold), and having a font that's heavier without me losing the bold form in my terminals would be great.

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