Hmm. people that know more than I do, I have a question.

I want to write a deployment script that will into my , pull from my git repo and then send some files around, but some of that requires sudo (like copying over an nginx config file).

What would be the best approach to having the script able to do everything it needs without me needing to harm the security of the VPS (by say removing the need for entering a password when using sudo)?

One of the devs decompiled the SDK we use at work and rebuilt it against .NET Core and we've been running little test applications on and . If we get that on our internal NuGet repo then I can *finally* start playing with Linux dev for this stuff, and start putting it in things like . Super excited about this.

Oh damn... this is looking very promising. Now I'm wondering if it would be possible to write a script that could use to dump the code for the solution on the , then build and run the given project within it. Would mean I could be doing basically everything from , then I run a command from there.

At that point, Windows is little more than a runtime... a morbidly obese spyware runtime, but a runtime nonetheless.

to update the git submodules to got merged! Now to see how well does with deps. Hoping it can still get metadata for .NET Framework packages, because then I can actually do the development on and only need to send the code to to build it.

Development on Linux

My long-awaited (for me) follow-up to my endeavour to upgrade my work machine from a slow and buggy install to a fast and /#FOSS environment.

Welp. Coming soon to my blog: "using Git to manage TFS VC" lmao. This is the most retarded thing I ever thought I'd be doing, but I'm doing it. Host running a git server that the clones from on startup and regularly commits and pushes to, then I commit to TFS from the Linux host.

Of course, if wasn't the shittest program I've ever used, then this would all be totally fine, but hey ho.

Ok, so that went well, but not well enough. I got connected to VCS so I can actually manage all that from the side if I wanted to, which would actually make things easier because then I don't need to connect to it so I might still be able to use the share. This shit is getting very complicated at this point though.

Fuck it. Installing mono, dotnet, and msbuild, and I'm going to get the CS completer for and I WILL make at least one of these things build on .

Gradually getting there. I can now build *most* of the projects, which is probably progress right?

Really does highlight just how good is at not being a massive pile of shit considering it just isn't this arbitrary and black-box-y. Locking things down and providing terse error messages seems to be a pretty good way of making me fucking hate you.

Boom. Done. is on Z:\src, mounts on startup, added a hostfile entry to make easier to access, got the work connecting on startup, got the VM . I'm having a good day.

Really enjoying just sitting in my room playing with over this weekend. like this is really good at taking my mind off the whole thing. I've been overall a lot happier over the last 2 days. Can't wait to have this setup all shiny and amazing.

My very exciting (but slightly terrifying) journey to get on my work machine is going well. Did a preliminary sanity check with a Neon USB I had lying around to make sure all the hardware works and everything works great. I've made a backup of all the important data and I'm flashing to a USB ready for install now.

Wish me luck!

Got a response back from the CTO about dual-booting my machine with . Approved! This is seriously exciting. Some obvious concerns raised such as a requirement for full-disk encryption, but I can certainly meet that. Have also been advised to talk to head of infrastructure and security about extra details to it, but that's all fine.

This is going to be a *very* fun project, and it'll be so much nicer to no longer be running spyware on bare metal.

Getting an email to the CTO ready. I'm going to put forward the idea of dual-booting my work machine. There are already devs that use Windows on Macbooks so it'll end up being similar to that, only I'll be able to and shut it up.

And also means I can lead into dev once the last lib we use is .NET Core.

Here's hoping it goes well and I'm able to come up with something that meets any and all concerns. You never know: I could have a wonderful Linux dev machine in a month or two.

Unfortunately, friend that switched is going back to after a couple of days. I'm still getting the last laugh though, because Windows is hardly making it easy - almost like it *wants* people to stay on . It doesn't support gpt (so it wants mbr because it's 2005 now aparrently), but doesn't even have the ability to create a new partition table for itself. It's honestly pathetic how ridiculoisly useless Windows is.

But the wonderful thing was that a friend just switched to ! Completely unmotivated by me. I just spent the evening helping him get oriented with it and helped him install for a game (he picked which is on the disco repos which didn't have the Java 8 JRE). He went full disk wipe and everything which I'm really proud of considering how much he games.

When I asked him why he was switching, this is what I got:
""Windows crashed while watching YouTube. Got triggered. Tadaa."

Ok, so the problem I had with Riot was related to it being hacked. Presumably they restarted servers or something so logins all got reset, but it's working fine now (also remember to change your people!). This is all otherwise going pretty well.

Also gotta love the comfy confidence you get when you're using something fairly well protected. Hardened through a on . Can't really go too wrong with that.

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