❓ Poll: Have you ever had to report content in your feed to a fediverse mod?

Followup: how fast was the response time?

Boosts requested; I'm writing an article about the moderation of decentralized networks.

Those of you who answered yes, how long did response time take?


@Argus It does occur to me now though that I haven't needed to report anyone in a while and my sense of time *is* quite borked, so what might've felt less than an hour could possibly have been closer to a day.

Either way, "timely" is an apt description. Blows moderation of spyware platforms out of the water, waiting a week then getting an automatic "sorry but no lol" response.

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@OTheB Thank you! Yeah, I flagged a call for violence on twitter about 36 hours ago, still no action taken.

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