Proprietary software does WEIRD things to people:

Dev1: "Oh btw I paid for a Zoom account so I can setup a room for us to chat in"
Dev2: "We've just been using Discord for that"
Me: "If you don't have Discord and don't want to spend money then we could use any of the Jitsi meet instances, or set up our own if we wanted"
LeadDev: "If someone can let me know how these differ from Teams then I can see if there's value in the company paying"
Me: "Jitsi is *free* free, like no money, and it's OSS..."

@OTheB a lot of companies have approval processes to make sure their employees' use of tools doesn't fall foul of data privacy and security laws, or breach customer confidentiality agreements.

If you use communication platforms they don't know about, then you're potentially opening them up to being sued or being made to pay hefty fines if they (or the people hosting the tools you're using) have a data breach.

This is why "it's zero cost" doesn't always fly as an argument. 😅

@trechnex Possibly, but given he's considering Discord, I'm not convinced that kind of thing is a factor here.

@OTheB fair. I guess if you're advocating the FLOSS solution here you're essentially comparing the time/money cost of self-hosting versus paying someone else to do it. 🙂

@trechnex I think the comparison is more between 2 services, both free, only Discord is known to abuse privacy where Jitsi meet or Framatalk or whatever instance has an acceptable privacy policy.

Either way I have serious objections to Discord's ToS so I'm not making an account regardless of what starts getting pushed.

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