Hey players, a question for you. I just started my first Bob's game, and like, I'm used to building a huge ingredient buss and branching off from there. Is that strategy even viable in Bob's?


@meredith_matthews Yes, but make plenty of room. I'd honestly recommend it - especially if this is your first run - because it makes it a lot easier to keep track of what things you're actually making.

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@OTheB @meredith_matthews I might spin up a new map and maayyybe add the warehouse mod. There are so many blobs of resources around I'm not sure I have room for my normal bus, let alone a supermassive one, and I've only gotten to automating red science so far anyway

@OTheB @meredith_matthews my instinct is to rush for bots and boutique all the products but I suspect that way lies sadness and spaghetti

@meredith_matthews It's best to take Bob's stuff much more gradually. You can just about rush bots in a vanilla game, but the same effort will get you maybe a 5th of the way there in Bob's. Rushing will drop you in spagooter hell long before you have the science for bots.

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