Got a nice email this morning from someone that took an interest in my tooting yesterday about Cloudflare. He/she suggested and as possible alternatives.

Ricochet is P2P and uses Tor to send information, which looks great, but it's still early days.

qTox has everything I'd need out of the box, so it's probably what I'll be looking into today.

The main problem to solve with P2P systems are keeping a connection when someone's offline. Will need to investigate.

Messed with for a little. It's nice up to a point. It has encryption, no 3rd parties to trust, it's fast, it has group chats and VC and everything. I think the snag is when you get to P2P. If everyone only had one device then it would be fine, but managing multiple devices becomes such a pain. You kind of need at least federation for it to be usable. You need some central place to manage your ID and messages and everything.

So I'm going to spend a little time with next.

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@OTheB #Jami works basically like tox, but has built-in username management (with #DHT + #blockchain), and you can link your devices to solve the multi-device issue.

Offline messaging is another beast entirely though, so don't expect anything on that front.

@Naughtylus I had seen Jami from a post. The lack of group text chat though is a bizarre deal-breaker.

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