Really disappointed and a little disgusted by the team. Putting spyware on their main instance, forcing every user to either go through the malicious wall or to use a homeserver that doesn't federate with thus cutting itself off from just about everything.

Will be giving a go today. Wonder if that community has even the tiniest bit of respect for users.

I agree. Cloudflare is not the way. I still want to hope for the future of matrix, but we will see.

I think that I will stop using it, until they remove it from Cloudflare. I don't see it as something that is made for privacy if it decides to use Cloudflare for their main instance.

Keep in mind that privacy means something different for everyone. I just find it ironic.

What I think about Cloudflare:

@rmw I tried the Cloud Firewall extension your post suggested. Media server died lmao. Looks like a very helpful extension.

Oof, was that because of the requests it made or was it a bug?
The creator of the extension is on the Fediverse and I think that he likes feedback.
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