My very exciting (but slightly terrifying) journey to get on my work machine is going well. Did a preliminary sanity check with a Neon USB I had lying around to make sure all the hardware works and everything works great. I've made a backup of all the important data and I'm flashing to a USB ready for install now.

Wish me luck!

Process is overall going well so far. Got my backup, my partitions done, root partition is encrypted with LUKS, and pacstrap just finished as I was typing this. Here's hoping for my first Arch install where I *don't* forget some tiny stupid shit like NetworkManager or sudo.

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HA. Forget everything I said. This time, the stupid thing I forgot was that LUKS needs a boot partition for the initramfs *as well as* the EFI partition, because otherwise you can't decrypt the initramfs to run it to open the program to decrypt the drive it's in...

Back to the start then I guess...

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fml ok then.
Try the install with 2 partitions => can't decrypt initramfs.
Try the install with 3 partition => can't find the initramfs because it's outside of root.
Mount the 1st partition on the place where initramfs goes essentially bypassing the 2nd partition => works fine.

So now I have a zombie partition. Trying to decide whether I want to do this all over again or not. Or I guess I could wipe the 2nd one and have a 1GiB EFI.

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You have no idea how relieved I am right now. Optimus was causing problems even when I didn't care about using it. startx would hang without any particularly useful messages, but I found the same problem on the Arch forums.

Whole thing works fine now. I need a fucking drink. That was a much more stressful morning than I was hoping for.

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Really enjoying just sitting in my room playing with over this weekend. like this is really good at taking my mind off the whole thing. I've been overall a lot happier over the last 2 days. Can't wait to have this setup all shiny and amazing.

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Wheeeeee! Installed and setup which is what fixed my X problems. i3 now starts up fine and I've got some config in there and did my XResources for so now it really does look like a setup and usable machine which is brilliant. Things left to do are to setup and , then I need to learn and and get a VM setup to appease the CTO. Then it's software freedom glory from there!

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Got my status bar setup and running wonderfully. Can deal with the volume bit on it another time though as it's not a concern right now.

Next up will be config and then time to learn how to get and working.

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Ok. config done (took like 2 minutes). I've installed Gnome Boxes to try out and the ISO is just about downloaded.

Other things to sort out include getting the pinentry on graphical so my pass script will work.

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HA ok. Asking to open the ISO crashes it immediately. Might need to try something else...

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Hello from shiny new -running work laptop btw :D

I cannot describe how much nicer this is. Resource usage is down by an order of magnitude, and it *doesn't* sound like it's preparing for takeoff 30 seconds after opening .

Getting the setup how I'd like will be a challenge though. Really struggling to find a guide that matches exactly what I'm after.

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@OTheB That was a fun thread to go through, do you already have a config prepared somewhere or are you starting from scratch?

Careful not to fall to deep down the rabbit hole though, I've been spending at least one weekend a month updating/re-doing my setup...

@slothsoft pre-existing config that I just pulled over from my personal laptop.

Just about the entire setup is just being copied over. Only real difference is that the one on the work machine needs the Windows VM.

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