Got a response back from the CTO about dual-booting my machine with . Approved! This is seriously exciting. Some obvious concerns raised such as a requirement for full-disk encryption, but I can certainly meet that. Have also been advised to talk to head of infrastructure and security about extra details to it, but that's all fine.

This is going to be a *very* fun project, and it'll be so much nicer to no longer be running spyware on bare metal.

Pretty excited about coming in Monday after next with the coolest computer in the office 😎

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@OTheB Full disk encryption is one of the core features of Pop!_OS's installer.

@mmstick Not tremendously useful in my case. Going to use an live USB to check everything *can* work, then install in the dualboot. Always found other distros to just be beyond lacking in packages - especially when doing or .

@OTheB You're talking to the maintainer of Pop!_OS, so anything you need, we can do.

At System76, our target audience is the Linux desktop, whether you're a Linux gamer, a developer, creator, inventor, or researcher.

We package a lot of things that Ubuntu lacks, with a highly-optimized version of GNOME with over 11 applied performance optimizations.

@mmstick You got i3-gaps, i3lock-color, lemonbar with the xft patches, dmenu2, Nerd fonts, and the rest, all rolling release and with a CLI installer (i.e. 0 bytes of Gnome to delete after install)?

@OTheB GNOME is a requirement because it is the Pop session. I've thought about packaging i3-gaps, but regolith provides that and everything else on its own.

@mmstick Pop is definitely a good distro and I can see plenty of types of people that could do great with it, but for my specific case, the release cycle and base install don't agree with my usual setup. I've gone through the process of removing DEs before and it's a lot more painful than I'd like. Having the nice clean start makes it a lot easier for me to put together the system I want without having various other things causing unexpected problems.

Also, I'll admit now that I'm not a Gnome fan... :)

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