Really, @purism? You copy a bunch of open-source apps and make it look like they are yours without any mention of the original apps? I think you should delete these apps immediately and publicly apologize. Or at least don't have the audacity to call yourself a "Social Purpose Corporation that does not exploit people and puts doing social good over maximizing profit ", because its obviously not true.


@ConnyDuck @purism the laptops are fine, the phone is fine, but the services thing? Genuinely can't see any reason at all to even go near them. There are free alternatives that run on exactly the same privacy-respecting bases (hey look we're all already using at least one of them). They're just asking for money with flashy slogans - it's a bit pathetic honestly. Some shit is in need of a little sorting out.

@OTheB @ConnyDuck @purism I'm a backer of the Librem 5 and still optimistic, but.. along with the the PIA announcement, this looks like another easily avoided misstep. At the very least, @ConnyDuck should have been given the heads up on this one. Matrix obviously were.. (like 2017).

I've mentioned this before in another discussion....they should really give royalties to the upstream developers if they wanted to redeem their image and maintain the ecosystem. That would be the right thing to do.
@OTheB @ConnyDuck @purism

@ams @OTheB @ConnyDuck whatever it turns out to be, this leaves a sour feeling. The service offered seems to be a single login to existing federated services hosted by @purism.

@Moepmoep @ams @ConnyDuck @purism Yeah. They're just hosting their own little centralised group of services, all being heavily downgraded forks of existing decentralised services.

Makes me think of suckless, only with this you're *paying* to have less.

@OTheB @ams @ConnyDuck @purism I don't read it like they are centralising it. E.g. for librem social they state "with millions of people already active".

@Moepmoep @ams @ConnyDuck @purism I meant as in yeah they federate, but they're grouping their own stuff together into a central place, presumably with the idea that people will buy into it and then basically be hosting their lives on these central services just like they might with Apple or Google or whomever. The difference being this is FOSS and you have access to the other federated instances of everything.

It's an unwalled garden, but still a garden.

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