Unfortunately, friend that switched is going back to after a couple of days. I'm still getting the last laugh though, because Windows is hardly making it easy - almost like it *wants* people to stay on . It doesn't support gpt (so it wants mbr because it's 2005 now aparrently), but doesn't even have the ability to create a new partition table for itself. It's honestly pathetic how ridiculoisly useless Windows is.

@jessebrown 10 in this case, but any version really. 7 and 8 have had all the shit back-ported and everything before that is too old to be safe or worth using.

@OTheB and 10 will create its own partitions and boot just fine off a GPT partition as long as the BIOS is in UEFI mode.

@jessebrown His machines much too new to have a BIOS to put in any modes, but his short-lived Linux install was a perfectly normal UEFI install on GPT. Just now the Windows installer just keeps saying "nO i DoNt SuPpOrT tHiS" and giving no option to do anything about it, so tomorrow afternoon I'm having to go over there with a Linux USB and create an MBR table so the Windows installer will do anything.

@OTheB That is strange. It should allow deleting all partitions on the disk and starting the installation. Maybe clicked the wrong install option?

@OTheB If he selects advanced it should show a simple partition manager where he can delete all the Linux partitions. He may need to click "Show more" or something for a formatted disk. I just spun up this VM real quick to take screen shots.

@OTheB Right, he needs to just delete all of those partitions. Then Windows will be happy. The error is just stupid. 😀 There is a delete button under that error window.

@OTheB Also, this:
'For example, if you receive the error message: “Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is not of the GPT partition style”, it’s because your PC is booted in UEFI mode, but your hard drive is not configured for UEFI mode. '


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