Had a terrible thing and a wonderful thing happen today.

(dw I'm not leaving it at that)

Terrible thing was that my train home was delayed by 25 minutes because they were "attaching more coaches" to the train, but when the late fucker arrived, none of the 3 they added were open for use, so a couple of hundred people got squashed like sardines into the other 2, which was just bullshit.

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But the wonderful thing was that a friend just switched to ! Completely unmotivated by me. I just spent the evening helping him get oriented with it and helped him install for a game (he picked which is on the disco repos which didn't have the Java 8 JRE). He went full disk wipe and everything which I'm really proud of considering how much he games.

When I asked him why he was switching, this is what I got:
""Windows crashed while watching YouTube. Got triggered. Tadaa."

@OTheB Java 8 is getting hard to find. Can't get it from Oracle now.

My game runs so much smoother on Linux!!! Dota 2

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