Vim plugin that adds a section to your statusline telling you a better way to do the thing you just did, like with fewer key-presses or just overall less time and more efficiency.

@OTheB It's very hard to figure out what you were trying to do from small individual commands, without knowing what you are trying to achieve. This is the reason why Vim's high-level commands are so much better in the first place — they carry more meaning than individual cursor motion and character insertion commands.

@deshipu This would be valuable information... if I was being at least half serious. You can enjoy the funny idea without having to pedant it to death.

@OTheB oh damn dude I'd take that any day, I feel like I always do stuff the slow way

@OTheB Better idea, add AI. Make it eventually say fuck this, I'll do it myself when it sees your awful vim usage.

@aleph "no stop spamming backspace you idiot just db or ciw for here NO don't you dare move towards those arrow keys oh ffs"

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