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I've just been out for 2 hours and have come back to basically nothing new in Teams. Wonder if everyone else had the same idea as me and fucked off for the afternoon lmao

:thonk: writing a debugger for a simple forth dialect must be fucking easy.

@mdszy what was that language you found ages ago that was like a lisp but with a bunch of weird syntax for data structures? I seem to remember the name starting with a 'J', but it definitely wasn't Julia, but it sounded like it.

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Ok, typed out some little drafts of the scripting language side and I'm just ending up with posix only weird.

It also occurred to me that dynamic typing in interpreted languages is actually quite easy, but I'm still going to avoid it like the plague.

Aaaand now I'm thinking about toy forths. It's going to be one of *those* days I guess.

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hhhhhh why do I suddenly want to try writing an interpreter? Yet can't decide if I want to go scripting language or programming language.

Given interpreted programming languages gives you the likes of Python and Javascript I'm inclined more towards scripting, but not sure.

Fuck this I'm going ho- wait.


Fuck this I'm... turning my laptop off and turning my computer on instead.

That has far less of a ring to it.

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Main problem though is that I can't exactly waltz into the office, pick up a VIRTUAL machine running on the office servers, and take it home with me.

So I basically just don't have access to that environment lmao

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HA. Ok so at some point I'm going to need to remote into a customer environment. All fine, let me just do that from my VM and- oh no wait you can't reach the environment from the same network, you have to take your machine *outside* the network and VPN in because APPARENTLY that makes some kind of difference to just being in the network already.


Been hearing a lot of people saying every day feels like a Sunday between Christmas and New Year's day, but I think every day's more like a Wednesday. You don't get up feeling like you're going back to work after a break so it's not a Monday, you feel like you'll still be working tomorrow so it's not a Friday, and you're still working so it's not a Saturday or Sunday, and you feel like you've been going for ages and there's ages to go so it's not Tuesday or Thursday, so it must always be Wednesday.

I feel like everything wrong with it would be fixed with better font rendering, but I have no idea how I'd adjust that so eh.

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Been trying out a bunch of fonts. I landed on this one called Hurmit. Parts of it look really nice and other parts of it look a bit iffy, so I'm not sure if I like it overall, but when I switch back to Ubuntu Mono it looks worse so I guess I'm sticking with it for now?

Here's a sample in the form of some random bit of the I source:

I kept hearing this weird squeaking sound whenever I shifted in my seat and I've spent the last 3 days wondering what the fuck is loose on my sofa bed.

It's the zip on my jumper swinging in the little metal loop...

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@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:

Gotta love people inventing bullshit tasks for them to do.

Gotta love Windows deciding there isn't a "licence" to rdp so one of our deployment hosts has just locked everyone out of it.

Problem though is invidious is having issues so I can't watch cat videos in the mean time.

How in the fuck has that thing not timed out?! It's just been dialling for like 10 minutes now. Fucking give up they're not going to answer you.

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Somewhere, there is a phone ringing really loudly, and it's annoying the fuck out of me.

Can meetings just be banned please? Took an hour that was 90% one of the devs trying to explain to the solution architect that he's talking utter nonsense, then the last 5 minutes were actually laying out what the fuck we're actually going to do.

It's just bizarre how as soon as you put people in a work environment, their ability to communicate goes down the toilet.

The existence of shampoo implies the existence of shampee. In this paper I will

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