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Oooooohhhhh YCMD is finally shifting over to the newer Roslyn server, so C# will actually be remotely usable with it. Pretty excited about that because it means I'll be one big step closer to being able to do my dev on Linux. Won't solve that I have to use C# though...

(the "next thing" being to make more tea of course)

Wow, that was a nice change of pace. Previous task I had took 3 weeks and stuff is still happening towards it. This task I did in less than a day. Onto the next thing!

Hmm. I know broadly how the maths in NNs works. I might implement a very basic ML library at some point. Purely as a programming exercise, but it might be interesting to see how effective it is if I create a simple test like the "guess the digit from the image" one or something. There's bound to be some free training data for something simple online.

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If you haven't already seen it enjoy this footage of police in Bulgaria trying to use pepper spray and the wind blowing it back in their faces

Stupid idea that would be really cool if it was posible and/or existed:

Paying with cash is always better because you can't get tracked everywhere, but what if you could get a card that was the same? So it changes its identity for every transaction, but still pulls from the same account. Then you just top it up as you need money, so anyone trying to follow you just sees nothing but payments into this one place and can't see where anything goes beyond that.

Worst feeling: Going to drink more tea and the mug's empty.

Best feeling: Thinking you've run out of tea, but you pick up your mug and still have half of it left.

If I ever buy a domain and have my own site, I'll definitely use this style. I think it looks really nice.

Threw this little thing together. 22 lines of CSS and some wonderfully simple HTML and you get this pretty little static site. Displays wonderfully in a text-based browser (Lynx, bottom right), and then the CSS kicks in with a graphical browser and it looks wonderful. More websites should be like this.

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When most of the office is leaving ~30 minutes early to go to the pub so I get to leave an hour earlier than I normally do and just go home.

I've had these 2 semi-assembled mechanical keyboards for ages now. I really need to get the soldering done and get firmware on them. Will be so much nicer typing on this pretty little keyboard with Hako Clears than a £5 membrane keyboard or a shitty mac keyboard with *most* of the keys swapped around to Dvorak (because F and J had the clips rotated so I couldn't move them because Apple are terrible). Also chiclet keyboards are almost worse than normal rubber domes.

Been playing with some Vim plugins. I want to keep the number I use small so I don't end up with some huge unwieldy editor, so at the moment I've got 'editorconfig', 'vinegar', 'vim-indent-object', and 'YouCompleteMe'. I think this is a pretty nice selection. Vinegar gives me quick and easy project navigation, Indent Object is *unbelievably useful*, and once YouCompleteMe maves from the ancient OmniSharp server to the new one it'll leave me with cross-platform VS on steroids and a lot more fun to use.

The next bit will be to get off Microsoft's terrible VCS and onto Git because the CLI for TFS is horrendous and takes ages to run because it's this giant bloated Java program.

Exciting stuff happening at work. Currently, it's a total Windows shop, so all the dev is VS on Windows and all the servers are Windows with GUIs and it's all horrendous. HOWEVER. Infrastructure are really getting into containers, but specifically Linux containers. We're waiting for one SDK to be ported from .NET Framework to .NET Standard and then we're pretty much ready to make all of our stuff .NET Core, at which point I can go full Linux dev which I am *incredibly* excited about.

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That's not the only reason we should rename the world, of course.

How are we supposed to impress any alien babes, hunks, or babehunks if we go around saying we're from Planet Dirt? This is why we still haven't made first contact.

All that said, I'll probably still get the Tesla, because whilst it is a terrible decision, I still get a fucking cool car out of it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What makes it really annoying is that it's a lose-lose-lose choice. The Tesla is spyware on wheels, other cars are terrible in comparison and still generally have spyware in them nowadays, and sticking to the train means walking, rain, wet, and far too many people in too tiny a space. There is no good option. It's kinda depressing really.

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