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Made by myself in GIMP in like 20 bored minutes :thonk:

Wow. looks like an exceptional idea but with far too few people using it.

I might consider setting that up to mirror Mastodon. It's a wonderfully simple and elegant system.

So has started rather annoyingly moaning about SSL issues on my site, despite me having a valid certificate and having no issues at all.

If you can put up with the warnings then the site is otherwise totally fine to use and it's actually pretty comfy.

Wew, just did quite a lot of refactoring to my site and I think it's all good changes. I've merged the blog page with the home page, make a simpler header bar with some icons, and I've removed the bigger categories in favour of keeping them all smaller.

Overall, the site should now be a fair bit simpler to maintain, and I'm pretty happy with it.

Is there a cli tool - like some core util or something - that will add line-breaks between words in a string so no line is longer than a given length? Just wondering before I implement one myself.

Trying to decide whether it'll be reasonable to have the home for the blog just be an (eventually) huge list of posts or to only show the most recent ones. Also wondering whether or not to merge the blog and home pages into one so the posts tail off at the end of the home page, then I still have the individual category pages.

Still trying to figure out the best way to organise everything on this site. I think having everything be a post will be helpful, then I should probably add a next/previous link to them.

Because I'm working just with HTML/CSS and I'm not using some big site generator, I should probably write my own little tool just for managing this as it'll make stuff a fair bit easier.

Also gives me something to waffle about here and on the site too.

Probably worth noting that there won't be any design articles for going on the repo anymore as I'll be putting them all on my site now.

Hmm. I have the rel="me" in the link back to Mastodon on my homepage but it doesn't want to verify so I don't get the green box. Weird.

And we're live! First post on my site and I've got a simple feed going too! I might make the feed more obvious, but it's ok where it is for now.

Oh that's a massive pain.

When testing the site locally, I can't use absolute paths because that goes all the way to the root of the filesystem, when I actually want it to just go back to the root of the website as it would when actually hosting it.

Would rather not install nginx on my poor little laptop just to test this properly. There must be a way of telling to use a specific path as "root" for a given directory - or even just per session.

I've got the homepage for my made and it's live! Really isn't much interesting stuff there yet because it literally is just the homepage, but I think it looks pretty, and I'd highly recommend having a look at it from a text-based browser like too.

Would also like a bit of feedback on how it looks on mobile as I don't have a smartphone to test that with.

Have a look:

Ok, next job for the day is going to be to see if we can make any more progress on my desk. Can't wait to have it swing out because then I can sit at it on the sofa bed rather than be uncomfortably slouched on it as a bed in front of it.

Hmm, not sure what to put as the little introduction on this site. I feel like if I make it too short then the page will look empty, but if I make it too long then it'll be really cringey to read.

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YAY! I finally figured it out. The downstream containers were trying to take https traffic when it was only the front-end proxy that needed to, so I took off the bits in the compose file saying to only use https for those downstream containers and it all works now! Now I just need to get a functioning site done and I can share it with everyone.

Oooh no ok, it just took it a minute to get going. *Now* it's giving me a 502 rather than 503, but I still can't use any of them, which is a shame.

Ok, new cert is here. Now when I start it up and try and connect, I get wonderfully redirected to https (honestly no idea when that started happening but I'm not complaining), but firefox says it's unavailable. What I'm guessing is the problem is that docker is saying that the backend containers are only using port 80, even though the compose file is telling them to use 443, so I'll have to figure out what's going on there. I'm using jwilder/nginx-proxy and setting VIRTUAL_PORT=443 on the sites.

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