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Kmail just popped this up. Was not expecting it. Pretty neat.


Powershell's shitty comma rules: "hi, you added a trailing comma. Fuck you"

Deploying these environments at work is like the tools throw a punch and you barely duck out of the way but miss the fact it's also dropping an anvil on your head from 50m up.

Holy fuck. I joined fedi 2 years ago next month.

Feels like it was *way* more recent than that.

Site: "This transaction is secure!"
Me: "How? What are you doing to make it secure?"
Site: "We use 256 bit encryption"
Me: "..."


DoH stands for DNS over Hyperloop

Think it's kinda funny that of course, out of all the sets of really cheap crap earphones I've had, the Nokia ones that came with my phone have been by far the most reliable and resilient.

Like literally I think I've fucked part of the cable so if I wiggle it around I get crackling noises, but if I leave it alone the sound comes through them absolutely fine.

A: "Good night. See you tomorrow!"
Time: *becomes 12am*
B: "Good morning. See you today!"

Current mood 

Listening to really terrible dance music only somewhat ironically and enjoying the experience a lot more than I was anticipating.

Ok, this is the only thing I think I've ever thought might be interesting with NNs.

NN that can determine the keyboard layout being used based on keysmashes.

No idea if it's possible, but I kinda want to imagine it is.

Royal mail let me see tracking information without Google spyware challenge 2020

Boss: "Cool. Give $colleague a shout if you get stuck on anything. He's next to me so I can poke him if needed"
Me: "Hi. Could you give $colleague a poke? I don't need any help from him, just thought the idea of you just poking him for no reason would be funny."

My brother appears to have managed to order himself a hammock...

Just fixed my parent's computer and I'm way more proud of myself than I should be because it was a really stupid weird problem.

Basically, Mint (and a bunch of other distros) symlink /var/run to /run, but somehow that got broken and they ended up being separate directories, so systemd-logind went looking in one for a file that was in the other and failing so you couldn't even log in.

Still going "hang on, did I actually just manage to figure that out and fix it? What the fuck how"

It's 4:58. I've run out of fucks to give.

I think I'm definitely not bad at *writing* software (but still nothing special). What I'm bad at is *reading* software.

Like if someone said "write a program that does X" I could say "sure I could do that", but if someone said "here's a program that does most of X, could you finish it off?" I'd be like "uuuuhhh fuck umm maybe? idk"

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