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One of the devs decompiled the SDK we use at work and rebuilt it against .NET Core and we've been running little test applications on and . If we get that on our internal NuGet repo then I can *finally* start playing with Linux dev for this stuff, and start putting it in things like . Super excited about this.

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Petition to open source all EU government software: public money -> public code

Well, for now going to say "yeetn't" because it makes implementing the tokenising method for floats stupid simple.

That *also* means all the tokenising methods are done! So now there's just the last bit of pushing the output to stdout for the to-be-written parser to deal with!

Ability to provide float literals in base 2 or 16 as well as 10? Useful? Not worth it?

One thing I'm still not quite used to but get excited about is when someone reads some of my waffling on my site, and then reaches out to contact me over or or whatever.

You get this nice reassuring feeling like "hey, my stupid ranting is being read and enjoyed by someone".

I've replaced the Matrix link with my JID on my website and removed the Riot container. Also got ideas for 2 or 3 more posts lined up which I can get working on. Not certain on the order yet though.

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O(1) sorting algorithm for an array of size N: Sort by Insertion of Graham's Number. Starting with any unsorted array of integers, append Graham's Number at the end of it. Now the final value of the array is vastly larger than all preceding values as to render them completely insignificant, thereby effectively sorting the array in ascending order.

Just made an account. Anyone here mind starting up a quick chat so I can play around with it a little? Maybe show off some cool stuff it can do that I might not have heard about?

Going to try this evening, but not going to be making my account on the main instance. Nothing wrong with their privacy policy or anything, but there's a captcha on the signup form, so that can fuck right off.

I love some of the little extras has. Like I can search for an package and it'll show results directly as tiles, or it can just give you a random GUID when you ask for one rather than needing to go to a generator website or something.

Messed with for a little. It's nice up to a point. It has encryption, no 3rd parties to trust, it's fast, it has group chats and VC and everything. I think the snag is when you get to P2P. If everyone only had one device then it would be fine, but managing multiple devices becomes such a pain. You kind of need at least federation for it to be usable. You need some central place to manage your ID and messages and everything.

So I'm going to spend a little time with next.

Got a nice email this morning from someone that took an interest in my tooting yesterday about Cloudflare. He/she suggested and as possible alternatives.

Ricochet is P2P and uses Tor to send information, which looks great, but it's still early days.

qTox has everything I'd need out of the box, so it's probably what I'll be looking into today.

The main problem to solve with P2P systems are keeping a connection when someone's offline. Will need to investigate.

All I want is a respecting messaging platform that does group conversations and voice chat, does that *really* have to be a big ask?

Been really put off with the bullshit and their attitude towards it. There are whole papers on the issues with it.

When will this fucking nightmare end?

I need suggestions. What things do other people use for this stuff?

Really disappointed and a little disgusted by the team. Putting spyware on their main instance, forcing every user to either go through the malicious wall or to use a homeserver that doesn't federate with thus cutting itself off from just about everything.

Will be giving a go today. Wonder if that community has even the tiniest bit of respect for users.

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Quick #Olang progress update:

I'm breaking the project up into some more manageable steps. v1 of O will be preceded by #MiniO: a dramatically simplified, lower level O that will help to serve as the language for the first O compiler.

I'm hoping it'll also provide some valuable insight into what parts of O's syntax work and what parts don't, and also help to determine the best approach for incorporating lower level constructions into O.

The MiniO lexer can be found at

Why in the fuck has this single call to a function in this one single case decided to append "13" to its output string...

Shit. Static definition of associative arrays isn't implemented in yet, and the unit tests get run before main seems to be, so I need to use methods rather than AAs.

Been learning how to deploy environments by being "in charge" of deploying the dev environment for a new customer. Hitting lots of modelling issues which I'm told is completely normal, but it's otherwise going fairly well and I'm definitely enjoying it a lot.

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