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Currently trying to get an expanding nav column that's always shown on wider screens, then hides and is toggled with a button on thinner ones.

I think the only thing in web development I enjoy at all is copying random bullshit CSS into my site so I can get fancy shit to happen without needing any JavaScript.

Ok this is actually pretty nice. Kinda disappointed I didn't hear about this before though.

Hopefully this'll make building the site a lot easier.

Hmm. Ok let's try this idea:

1. Write HTML
2. gcc -E

I can already tell this is going to get messy, but it's a (conceptually) simple idea at least.

See, I *would* do it with MacroDown, but I'd need to add in piles and piles of extra features that would be specific to this one site, which doesn't seem reasonable.

The ideal would be Hugo-but-doesn't-spew-shit-everywhere-and-can-actually-be-managed-in-a-sane-project-structure.

HA nope. Created a new project. Directory immediately explodes with shit. Clean up time.

re hugo
rm -rf testsite themes

So I did that. Now I want to redo the website because it's completely unmaintainable.

As this docs site is going to be considerably more complicated than my personal site, it might be a valid place to try Hugo or something. Might be an interesting experiment for the afternoon, assuming I don't get given anything else to do.

Eeeeeehhhhhhhh someone put this horrible cover of All Star on at work. It's literally like they took the original, then meticulously removed anything that was remotely good about it, then made the result even worse, then added auto-tune just to add extra arsenic to the wound.

My ears feel insulted.

I... should fix all the readme files because most of them are bullshit at this point lmao.

Also the docs project is basically worthless now, so will probably delete that. It's been superseded by the website project.

A few weeks ago I made a typo and ran "git states", but fish has been randomly suggesting that to me instead of "git status", so I end up reflexively accepting the completion and just prolonging the effect of the fuck up.

Would be great if had a feature that would let you panic-do something that would push a thing that would tell git to flag the last pushed commit as broken so when someone else pulls in the changes it could print a message like "hol up this shit's broken. Give the person a bit to fix it"

This pasty just tastes like mango chutney. It says it's supposed to have loads of vegetables in it and I can see them, but all I'm tasting is mango chutney.

... there isn't any mango in it...

The really long build time on the compiler is bearable most of the time, because all the obvious issues come up immediately and I can carry on writing code while it's building - you just fix the errors for the *previous* build rather than the current one, which is a bit weird but otherwise fine.

It's only nasty when you want to test it but don't have a next bit to start doing straight away, at which point the 6 minute wait is pure pain.

On writing parsers

Thought I'd dump a bunch of the stuff I learned writing parsers into a blog post.

Oh. Uh, wat.

So my parser never actually reduces the File node at the top... it gets to the Main node, but then seems happy with it.

Fortunately, that's absolutely no problem at all, because the only reason Main exists is to be the sole form of File as Main has multiple forms and having multiple forms for File made my lalr generator angry.

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Really annoyed though that D never thought to - you know - *tell me I was trying to read something that was null*

Ah fucking... uh, eh.

Turns out I'm a fucking idiot. "Why can't I read the AST my parser is returning?"

tokens.buildast( file ) ;
return null ;


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