I think I've kind of settled for now on Tusky. Subway Tooter was fully featured, but lacked polish in my opinion. Maybe if/when I become a power user 😎

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Morning to all my pachyderms, what's going on today? :mastodon:

Anyone have a favorite Mastodon client for Android? Using tusky right now, wondering what else there is.

Man, did anybody else dial BBSes in the 90s? I get a real nostalgic trip sometimes thinking about coming home from school and sitting at my 286 for hours dialing everything on my local BBS list.

Terminate was my dialer of choice back in those days, and I played nonstop TW2002 and telearena, plus some barren/solar realms elite.

Anybody else got any stories or stuff to share?

Just learned about Mastodon, this is quite a cool idea.

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