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Imagine phones being made with:
- Real zoom
- More battery
- Open modems
- Headphone jacks
- Physical buttons
- SD card slots

Wouldn't they be cool?

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@TheGibson Considering ... 😑😑 .
You should've done it like 10 years ago 😛.

@TheGibson It's interesting to see this happen tbh, a lot of countries especially authoritarian governments always have wanted to have access to facebook, twitter and other social media for example :
If I have learned anything from 2020, It's that most governments are alike and everybody wants control in their own hands and not in anyone else's.
Everybody wants to be in control.

@xerz First time watched it and ffs wtf lmfao 🤣🤣

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@haskal B-b-b-but I can still say that I run arch ,right ?

@sir tbh, I'm using Linux mint but I was using Linux lite and both are based on ubuntu but I wished that somebody told me to move to manjaro instead as a first distro since I don't think any beginner would notice any difference with desktop environment except for package managers , I guess. And I'm looking into moving to Arch or Manjaro now :3 .

@0x00 well, I try to minimize programs' CPU/RAM usage on my computers (especially that I usually have a browser open next to pdfs) so that's how I do it, but maybe I'll use calibre more often and read epub files more.

@0x00 I use zathura for epub and they don't look nice (lines are packed too close) there compared to them in programs like calibre, so I prefer to use pdfs

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@Aleums I'm not a tom scott fan so I don't actually know how is he doing this and how to take it up , please show me

@Aleums I mean wtf, pizza is #9 it should be way up higher in the list and why the fuck is hug above pizza 😑

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