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On Raspbian (Debian-based but Raspberry Pi specific) uses the source package "raspberrypi-firmware" to produce multiple binary packages like raspberrypi-kernel and some other packages. I made a kernel modification, so I was interested to make a Debian package out of it. So I get it's sources `apt-get source raspberrypi-firmware` and inspect it..

The "source" package only consists of pre-compiled binaries, no actual source files. (It's actually


I created a repository on , and it automatically activated DevOps, which I doesn't need. After deactivating it, I get a E-Mail saying DevOps has been disabled.

They really try to push DevOps to everything, and it's annoying because not every repository is a (web) service.

*presenter shows WinDbg Preview store page*
"WinDbg is rated E for Everyone so we are very confident that you are going to find debugging so easy with these tools that there will be no need for any strong language."

I am using Thunderbird Lightning-Addon for keeping track of dates and such, but it doesn't work on the latest Thunderbird version, so I have to make sure to downgrade Thunderbird when upgrading my system, which is pretty annoying.

I cleaned up the home directory of my windows machine a bit. I noticed how inconsistent the locations of cache folders were. This probably going to be annoying when I decide to backup the machine.

I noticed that with GNOME Terminal 3.28.2 (with VTE 0.52.2), right clicking on a number tells you the value in hexadecimal (and if big enough, also the "size" in Ki/Mi/...).

> The returned string ends with a backslash, for example, "C:\TEMP".


I hate it when you're searching for python documentation and the official python 3 documentation are so far below other results its annoying.

You have to change some settings inside the solution/project settings to do that. I'd say it's not real good way, but OK, it works and far easier and faster to debug. At last, I found the bug.

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Trying to debug an application on Windows.

Visual Studio has no (easy) way to debug an application with custom parameters. Also no easy way to detect invalid memory access.

Dr. Memory (and their drstrace) internal crashes (on every binary).

This is so annoying.

Today I cleaned up my desktop mouse and keyboard.

Today was the first day I used git bisect to find out a commit that broke something.

wtf... I left my desktop computer running while using my laptop in front of it and suddenly I see the "Tree Style Tab"-sidebar (a firefox addon I 'tested') opens without me doing anything. I neither touched the mouse or keyboard.

Tried to make the USB data thing to work on my smartphone. I remember that I damaged the port a bit. I "moved" some thing inside the port towards the middle using a screwdriver.

Didn't help the problem. However, now the connector sits tighter and isn't so fiddly any more.

My desk here is crowded, containing 2 monitors, a mouse and a keyboard for my desktop and now I put a laptop on it.

Since I wanted to look at something at the desktop while the laptop still be in front of me (since I wanted to write something on it), I just decided to use VNC to remote in to my desktop and use the laptop keyboard as a replacement keyboard for my desktop.

It actually works pretty well.

I managed to install the chipset driver for a Windows 7 computer where you couldn't use Ethernet or USB.

I used a Windows 10 ISO to boot into, copied the driver files onto it, edited the registry to run the driver installer once (and quietly using the -INSTALL switch). Then just boot into the Windows 7 and after logging it in just works.

"git-lfs has been released by jiffub, which I'm told that's how it's pronounced. Most people say GitHub ..."

(not by me)

I also compiled a newer version of MPD because I thought the MPD shout plugin is broken, making mpd hang. Turns out the desktops computer firewall (it's running Windows) just disallowed incoming connections. Allowed it and it worked instantly.

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I just setup a IceCast sever on my desktop so I can stream the music from my laptop (mpd) so I don't have to re-plug my headphones to my laptop.

"I cant push my changes"

What is the error?

"I can't push to master"

What does it also say?

No answer yet.

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