I got an follow-up E-Mail about it:

> Thanks for letting us know. We are aware of this issue and are looking into a fix. Hopefully we will have something out in the near future. Ideally, the blue dot should go away after you open the modal! Let us know if you see anything else that doesn't look quite right or have any other feedback.

Ok , you have a "Feature preview" option, and that's OK, but please remove the blue dot when I open the dialog and not when I activate an feature (that I'm not really interested in). (Yes, I did sent feedback about this)

We have satellite television but for some reason there were "corruptions" going on, so someone asked me to help to look at the television and tell over the home phone "network" whenever the picture looks good while they are adjusting.

Done, and then the person comes back, puts the phone into its place and it starts 'corrupting' again. I then noticed then you put the phone into its base, it corrupts. Take it out, it stops. Very weird. The base is next to the television.

For now we relocated the base.

@kravietz Hey, I looked at your website (webcookies.org) and found some things:

In GPDR, the 2nd point contains an unresolved Markdown link.

Click any website on ads.txt and the url for "Ads.txt contents" is always "{ url }}" (missing {)

The reference link for "DNT" links to an 404 site. The reference link for "feature-policy" links to a site that redirects to an another site (maybe update it to point to the new site).

My father has a nano sim card that he wanted to put into a smartphone. So he took one out, did something, put it back and then the card was gone. Not even left the desk.

After a lot of searching, he remembered that the phone has a closable case that uses a magnet and theorized that the card could stick to it and then fall off after the phone was stored.

So he checked and yeah, it was around where the phone was stored.

Be careful with magnets and small magnetic things.

recommended me like 3 or 4 different Nintendo 64 homebrew libraries/frameworks. Why are there so "many", and why am I even getting these in the first place? I am not active in the N64 community at all.

Hey devtools, what you're doing, why do you display duplicate and removed properties?

Okay @matrix , but it isn't really needed since you can leave the room afterwards anyway, or just ignore the invitation message.

Dear , please decide whenever I've got unread notifications or not, but not both at the same time.

Ok, that's a first. My windows machine completely locked up, no BSOD, just still image and pressing reset just made the image blank, but not actually reset it...

I wanted to start and it says it can't bind to an high port. I look up what's using that port and its an ssh connection that I don't really like to terminate.

How unlucky.

Just deleted some docker images and containers. Got 4 GiB of space back.

I found out that realtek homepage has been "remade", but now there are almost no driver downloads (only some ethernet ones)...

Out of curiosity and since it was linked on the website I looked at @Liberapay payday script and found this logging statement

I tried to download something from bandcamp.

Error 503 first byte timeout
Guru Mediation
Varnish cache server

It's an amiga reference. Even Wikipedia says that the Varnish cache server has this Guru Mediation message.

I found this "hack" in debian/ubuntu llvm-toolchain source package:

: # running out of diskspace on the buildds
find $(TARGET_BUILD) -name '*.o' -o -name '*.a' | xargs -r rm -f

Apparently, the build bot runs out of space while building, so their solution was to delete the object files (since it isn't needed any more at the time of stripping the binaries).

If you run `dh_make`, it asks you "Are the details correct? [Y/n/q]". After a short time, if you don't answer, it prints "Please respond with "yes" or "no" (or "y" or "n")", like `dh_make` is really impatient.

On Raspbian (Debian-based but Raspberry Pi specific) uses the source package "raspberrypi-firmware" to produce multiple binary packages like raspberrypi-kernel and some other packages. I made a kernel modification, so I was interested to make a Debian package out of it. So I get it's sources `apt-get source raspberrypi-firmware` and inspect it..

The "source" package only consists of pre-compiled binaries, no actual source files. (It's actually github.com/raspberrypi/firmwar)


I created a repository on , and it automatically activated DevOps, which I doesn't need. After deactivating it, I get a E-Mail saying DevOps has been disabled.

They really try to push DevOps to everything, and it's annoying because not every repository is a (web) service.

*presenter shows WinDbg Preview store page*
"WinDbg is rated E for Everyone so we are very confident that you are going to find debugging so easy with these tools that there will be no need for any strong language."

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