Our documentation is now available in German (as well as English and French). Many thanks to the contributors who volunteered to translate!
To translate another language please get in touch or submit a request on Weblate: weblate.cryptpad.fr/projects/u

#FediNINA bringt die Warnungen des #BBK ins Fediverse. Auf meta.prepedia.org/wiki/FediNIN findet ihr Informationen und Links zu den Bots für eure Region.

#Jena ist hier: social.prepedia.org/@FediNINA_


Since today is my birthday I figured I'd hand out a digital copy of my book to everyone. Like, bypass Amazon free: misprintspublishing.com/birthd

Hi all, I'd like to officially announce the release of @promptodon!

The bot will post a writing prompt daily and will reply to you with a prompt if you send it /prompt

It's still a work in progress but you can find the repo here if you want to check out the code: bitea.bnolet.me/brandon/prompt

I've opened up registration on the Gitea instance so folks can contribute if they want. You'll be able to submit writing prompts via pull request too! :)

We seriously need a federated FLOSS Duolingo competitor. I really love some things about Duolingo and other things about it *I fucking h8888888888* !!!

Rastplatz in der Edgehölle. Frage Mitarbeiter nach WLAN und ernte verständnisloses Kopfschütteln. Warum sollte es in diesem Schwellenland auch Menschen geben die mobil arbeiten wollen/müssen?

Das kann nicht sein so!!

SUSE has a bunch of parody music videos related to programming and CS on their Youtube channel. I'm tremendously enjoying them.

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