I left traditional social media in hopes of greener pastures. I never expected so much instance blocking and echo chamber. It saddens me.
I'm leaving mastodon.technology. If you want to find me I'll be posting here :

Seems instances are being blocked for being "problematic". I find that problematic. Time to find a new instance. Smh.

"functional programming is scary"

you fool, you'll never know that the real terror was side effects, and they were right in front of you the whole time
> I know it's called the "at sign" but my brain will always go "atpersand"

Proton's Recent Progress for Windows games compatibility on Linux is impressive: more than 75% of games are able to run (Silver ratings and higher): boilingsteam.com/proton-keeps- #linux #linuxgaming #proton #protondb

Otros modismos para la acción de tener sexo
-Peinar al oso
-Menear la palmera
-Agarrarle la cola al castor
-Sacar a pasear al Ganzo
-Meter la víbora en la madriguera
-Tirar la piedra
-Encerar la pelona
-Darle de cenar a Pancho
-Checarle el aceite
-Apuñalar la ingle
-Darle al chango su banana
-Acariciar el Peluche
-Darle vuelo a la hilacha
-Peinar la cotorra
-Echar un palo
-Matar el gusano a sentones
-Lavarle el hocico al chimuelo

Looking for a good, Foss, self hosted search engine. Any recommendations?

mild mindfuck of an image, 

you know when you cancel

GOT today!

Oh yeah...
And happy mother's day, I guess.

@Montesboogie No these people were not very scientific whatsoever. They were far far far right. The "race realism" right. It was a fools errand to get involved at all. Politics are kinda stupid. I guess I was just intrigued.

Anything here use Fedlab at your client? I want to like it but it opens external things like YouTube vids in it's browser instead of in the app. Haven't found a way around that yet.

Was researching how to get a cheap hoverboard for extracting parts and I just learned that a) any two components are more expensive than a new board and b) any defective board + spare part is more expensive than a new board.
I hate economics.

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