FUCK ICE, fuck the GOP:

TLDR: If your university is shifting to an entirely online semester due to the /global pandemic/, you need to transfer to a university with in-person instruction or they'll revoke your VISA.

This is getting a lot of attention, so I'll say the TLDR is what their site is saying.

Talk to your department head about this if it affects you, and what they can do to maximize your safety without letting you get deported.

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@Miredly this is so weird. it doesn't seem to make any sense.

@lain It's ICE. Their only job is to hurt immigrants. When you look at it from that perspective, it makes a ton of sense.

@Miredly @lain
usually balk at over-top derision, but kind of merited in this case; where else but us "border security" stuff can you find people who ruin food and dump out water that doesn't belong to them and is not within their jurisdiction because "someone might drink and eat instead of dying like they deserve to"

@Miredly @lain Not just immigrants, but natives too. So long as you're not white, ICE, like the police force itself, is there to hurt you, regardless of citizenship.

There's been plenty of legal citizens who were scooped up and deported by ICE, so don't expect this law change to only apply to students without any online classes either. Plenty with in-person classes will still be affected, even excluding the COVID costs.

@Miredly that's what I like to call 'unreasonably fucked'

Why is everything that happens in the US such a giant mess smh
@Miredly this is malice. it cannot be called anything else

burn this country to the ground

@Miredly This is fucking awful, because on the other side of the coin, university staff are worried about getting sick when thousands of students show up at the start of the semester. No matter what happens, someone loses.

@Miredly I expect a lawsuit here. It's just impossible to comply for most of them considering EU and Asian travel is heavily restricted.

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