Hey Fedi, any recommendations for an MP3 player that's really accessible for people who are blind?

@Miredly like a physical device or software? I'd imagine mpd + mpc would work pretty well for someone that's blind if they're technical enough, if you're looking for software...

@wizard Oh no, I'm looking for like an ipod with big chunky buttons and a screen-reader that's on by default.

@wizard For someone who is 98 years old and only recently lost their sight

@Miredly I've got 0 idea on that front, good luck finding something though!
@Miredly I'm not a fan of Apple's, but if I remember correctly, they made an mp3 player without a screen. It was the Ipod Shuffle I believe. That might fit the bill. (Though from what I heard you might be forced to use itunes to fill it up :/)

@aearil I have no problem with that- we used to have an old ipod nano and it could be used without looking at the screen (I really loved my iPod 3G, it was the only digital music player I've ever been able to use in the car because I never had to look at it), so that is on the table.

@Miredly Well then it might work. Though I don't know how the interface actually works, I've only ever seen other people use it.

Also, if Apple did it, there's got to be at least a few cheaper clones of it out there.
@aearil @Miredly I had one something like uuh 13+ years ago ( :blob_sweat: ).

Wouldn't really describe it as accessible at the time (since the buttons couldn't be distinguished by the finger and IIRC it doesn't announce the actions) but well you could give it a shot into an Apple store I guess.
To me it's about as accessible as an mp4 player or worse than an mp3 player with buttons being at recognisable positions and with good tactile feedback done by clicky buttons.

@Miredly I used to have a Creative MuVo T100, and I loved it, because I could use it without taking it out of my pocket. The thing has no display at all, so they had to make it usable without looking. It also has a shape of a USB dongle, so no need to carry a micro-USB cable with you at all times. Sadly it's quite old, so pretty low memory, and the buttons tend to break after long use. I think I went through two of them until the became impossible to buy.

@Miredly These days I replaced it with a Sansa Clip with Rockbox on it. It's not perfect, but the double-click to play the next directory works pretty well for operating it without looking. I never bothered generating the song titles, so not sure how well that part works, but at least it has that option. The person might need assistance for uploading new files and generating titles for it.

@deshipu @Miredly I'd advice to go KISS. Voice recognition, I don't know, feels like unreliable.

Just find a mp3 with easy touch sequence (most work as the ipod shuffle anyway). I know I have a mp3 reader (crappy as hell). I smashed the screen accidentally. But I still use it as I remember the touch sequence to play something. I don't think being blind would be a problem to do it.

Also a clip to put in the t-shirt is a must have. Nothing worst than drop a mp3 player, I lost hours é_è

@Miredly Physical mp3 player or software that runs on a computer?

@Miredly if you can get hold of a used Creative MuVo USB 2.0 that's a great (albeit limited capacity) MP3 player with easily feelable buttons and no display. I'm not blind but I used it in my pocket one handed all the time.

@Miredly another screenless model from the MuVo line with higher capacity that I've no experience with is the MuVo T100. Looks like the controls are laid out in a circle with a middle button, similar to an iPod Shuffle

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