Abolishing ICE is not enough. It must be audited, and its agents and officials made to stand trial for the crimes they have committed.

@Miredly and what we shall is what we have already known

the banality of evil and those who cause it were simply along for the ride and had surrendered their thoughts. not masterminds or supervillains, but bumbling average people who shouldve known better.

even punishment would do little to change them.

@y0x3y I'm not worried about changing them. I'm worried about showing the next batch that if they do the same shit, it will have a negative impact on their lives.

@Miredly agreed! i think its important to ensure it doesnt happen again. punishing the bad is only one part of ensuring evil will be dispelled in the future.

i think to truly solve the problem, the vacuum of meaning and purpose must be filled. economic activity must be the means to political action as end, not the other way around. people are not what they do for a living, and we have to change the structure of the system to show them that.

@y0x3y Agreed- I think changing the system in the case of the United States means restructuring our entire educational system around the concept of critical thinking and holistic observation. I think a huge part of "I'm just doing my job" comes from (by design) the majority of people being taught not to question what they're told to do.

That said, there is still an immediate need not just to stop those in power from committing crimes, but to hold them accountable as well.

@y0x3y Generally speaking, I don't believe prison is an appropriate response to criminality, as the majority of crime comes from lack of agency- it's either the easiest way forward, or the only way forward (or in the case of drugs / prostitution, not even really an element of criminality).

In situations like these, we have the ability now to create an infrastructure to address the root cause of these crimes, vs the kneejerk "they're dangerous, keep them away from society" reaction we have now.

@y0x3y Fascism is a different beast though. Unfortunately I'm on my way out the door and won't be able to engage in a dialogue about it for a few hours, but the response to institutional criminality needs to be severe, in my opinion.

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