When the money ran out at my last job, I'd transitioned laterally so far away from my original purpose as a consulting audio engineer, I had to ask my boss what exactly I even was, officially.

He said "You're a hacker. But we can make your title 'multimedia developer' officially if you'd like."

So uh, does anyone need one of those? A hacker with a specialization in audio/video coding, and an audio engineering background?

Freelance is fun, except it's mostly not.

@Miredly If the Bay Area works for you, and a "permanent" (insert laughter here) position, it might be worthwhile checking out Dolby (the City) and Meyer Sound (Berkeley).

Otherwise, my top two would be the monthly "Who is hiring?" threads on Hacker News, and AngelList, both of which are joyously recruiter-free, though I've noticed the one or two try their luck on AL. No worries if you're already well acquainted with both.

@porsupah Thank you! I checked out one of those threads on HN once, but always, /always/ forget to check AL.

I love the Bay Area, but unfortunately I'm currently looking for remote gigs as my partner's work will be keeping us in Honolulu for a while.

I'll definitely get on AL and have a look though!

@Miredly Ah, okay! I'll a friend a line who lives thereabouts - not impossible they might have some ideas.

Indeed, AL does have a fair number of remote options, though it's always worth checking their definition up front - with some, I've found they simply mean "oh, sometimes we'll let you work from home".

@porsupah Hey, thank you so much, I've been putting a ton of energy in to networking, but the tech folks in HNL are pretty silo'd, so any connections are always welcome.

@Miredly While it's only tangentially related to your specialization, the folks over at Splice are doing all sorts of neat stuff, and it seems like they're always hiring devs.

It might also be worth looking into Spotify and specifically their side gig, SoundTrap ... the latter of which currently has an opening for "Senior C++ Audio Engineer," but it looks like that position is Stockholm-only.

Good luck!

@bendingoutward Thanks, I'll pull on both of those strings and see where they lead! Splice might be further up my alley than expected

@Miredly The extra bonus to Splice is that their team is made up of some really decent humans. I was interested in working for them because they're primarily a Go shop, but the people were what sold me on applying.

Didn't get the gig, but that was my own damn fault :)

@bendingoutward That's really good to hear. I've been so spoiled in the selection of people that I've had the privilege of working with, that a huge chunk of the anxiety of the job-hunt is the "what if they aren't my kind of people" angst.

Sorry you didn't get the gig!

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