Shout out to @brainblasted for shedding light on Purism's nefarious intentions with a critical eye and a ton of honesty.

That's quality work.


@Are0h @brainblasted It's disappointing to see them falling on the crutch of "legally protected free speech" when the first amendment only pertains to the government's ability to punish people for saying things- there's no law that says you have to let assholes spew their bullshit on your privately owned forum.

@Miredly @brainblasted It's a pure cop out and they know it is.

But that's how bigots operate.

@Are0h @brainblasted It's also pretty clear that they don't understand how federation actually works.


so. much. this.

1st Amendment talks about the right of people "peaceably to assemble" right alongside freedoms of speech and of the press. IOW freedom of association.

We all get to choose.

Librem is choosing poorly.

@Are0h @brainblasted

us pol / personal / fed police adj 

@deejoe @Miredly @Are0h @brainblasted i forgot about peaceful assembly

why was i arrested again when i was peacefully assembling 🤔

by federal police 🤔

us pol / personal / fed police adj 


if you've got a story to tell, then tell it, don't @ me all coy like

@deejoe um you know what actually

the events are personal, and who the fuck are you to demand i tell you?

ok, well *that* was unpleasant

got a mutual block going now, looks like, which I guess isn't as good as "you know, you're right, I shouldn't have brought it up in the thread if I didn't want to talk about it, sorry." but maybe it's the best that can be salvaged

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