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writing for loops in the python interpreter feels like freehanding magic

Sitrep: Partner and I have made a lot of really helpful contacts and gotten a lot of great advice. No longer feeling completely up a creek. It looks like we can take care of this.

Thanks everyone, for your support!

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One glimmer of good news: finally got confirmation that one of my watchdog scripts works as intended.

...except that means the thing it was watching for happened.

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the treatment ICE gives the people who illegally crossed the border is a crime against humanity on its own.

but the more alarming thing is how ICE now handles US citizens who arrive at its facilities demanding answers. they are told now, to leave for their "personal security".

"personal security," huh? ICE is a fascist organization that needs to be dismantled with the responsibilities it holds assigned to new organizations. you can't fix an organization that has that kind of thinking.

Had a really good conversation with a close friend, helped me really even out my mood and start to think about this situation objectively.

It'll be ok.

Let's see what massive sleep deprivation has done to my Nuclear Throne skills

Took a moment to escape reality by diving in to moshifying my avatar

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It's designed to amplify ALL of our cognitive biases. As such, the fact that it propelled Trump to a win should surprise nobody, because that's what it was designed to do. Facebook is designed to give *Facebook* power, so they can sell that power to the highest bidder. It happened that the highest bidder turned out to be someone they didn't agree with philosophically, but THAT isn't the problem. The problem is that that power shouldn't exist to begin with.

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And the thing is, Facebook is ALSO designed to get you to argue passionately for things you don't even really believe that strongly.

You work hard and play by the rules and you still get fucked. I'm so angry.

I'm feeling completely gutted right now, and so is she.

This was supposed to be it, finally having our own place and a long term goal for settling down

Why can't we just be happy?

I'm hearing this whole story now, Delores motherfucking Umbridge at the US Embassy in Beijing denied my partner a PhD student visa because she moved some chairs while she was studying stage management for a semester in Maryland.

That constitutes working on a tourist visa according to her, so she cancelled her tourist visa and denied her student Visa.

If you know what I can do about this, please help me. If you don't, please send kind wishes my way.

Beyond frustrated with this country. My partner, who is as by-the-book as they come, just got jerked around at the US embassy while interviewing for her student visa.

They twisted her words against her and denied her visa, for a program she's worked her ass off to get in to. I'm completely at a loss and have no idea where to turn.

For the SECOND TIME today.