My dad sent this to me, and his taste is even better than mine so you should check it out:

One thing that you have to give Wangan Midnight points for over Initial D is not glossing over the /enormous/ expense, both monetarily and socially, of what these people are doing.

I heard someone joking about Donald Trump wanting to buy Greenland and I was like "ha, he totally would want to take advantage of the fact that it's about to thaw, that's a well thought out joke" and then I opened up the news and it's not a FUCKING JOKE?

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Well, that was an hour of driving what should have been a 20 minute round trip. The number of people who blew through red lights and fucked traffic up for everyone was staggering.

I let one person turn left in front of me and two more dove in and blocked the road, so no one could go anywhere when the light turned green.

Someone stopped in the entrance to the parking lot to wait for someone to unload all of their groceries and get in the car, just to grab their spot, but there were like 5 empty spots.

people can talk all the shit they want about Boston drivers, but they're way, way better than Honolulu drivers

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Hey if y’all know any tech company hiring programmers in Pittsburgh, DM me.

Computer Science PhD from LSU 2015
Specialized in Computer Vision and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence.

I know Java, C#, C/C++, Python.

Rob Dahm is really frustrating conceptually, because he's one of the only people documenting really innovative rotary engine projects, but he half asses them all so they blow up, and then he rage-quits and moves on to the next thing.

Animals are being exsanguinated on the East Coast by a new invasive tick species, and deer-tick populations are exploding at the same time, but no, you know, everything's fine

Just found out I got a message through a website I forgot I was even a member of about a really cool job opportunity like a year ago. It was even a referral from someone who has my email and could have given that to them as my point of contact.

Me, most of the time: I'm a talented intelligent person who's made many contributions both as an artist and an engineer to our global society, I'm continuing to grow and learn and be a better person and a better artist and a better technologist.

Me, some other times: I'm wasting my life, time is slipping away and the world is ending. I'll never achieve the things I want to achieve.

I know I'm just one more voice in the sea of people being ground in to dust in this system, and we're comparatively lucky and will be fine ultimately, but fuck this

I don't think Americans who've never left really realize how fucked they are. I've never been afraid to go to the doctor in other countries.

Even in China, going to the hospital was cheap and easy.

In the US, we were told we were all paid up, and then they /still/ sent us a follow-up bill.

And this is after paying a significant portion of our income to the insurance company, which we /have/ to do.

What the mother fuck is the point of paying an insurance company every month if, when you finally do get a bill, they don't cover all of it?

Fuck off, you vampires.

US Healthcare is so shamefully broken.

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Reiterating this for the thousandth time, not federating blocks is one technique to REDUCE harassment because people can not tell if they are blocked or not, so they can't immediately make new accounts when being blocked and start pinging you again.

Sure, you can have a different opinion about that, but insulting everyone who works on pleroma just because pleroma gives you the option to do either variant (defaulting to mastodon behavior, even!) is not right.

Please... don't post unhidden porn in your public timeline. It shows up on the federated timeline and makes it dangerous to check fedi in public.

Internet hive mind: Do to a genuinely horrible packing job from an online seller, I've ended up with 250 ziplock bags that are coated inside and out with a thin film of detergent. We've already rinsed (and at great pains, mostly dried) them all, but I'll never be able to put food in them.

I /hate/ the idea of just dumping them all in the trash. I hate having needed to buy them in the first place.

What can I do with them?

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