Apparently Beeple was here a couple of weeks ago

My stack for the week. Wwise has some weird ergonomics but I managed to get music reacting to in-game events pretty quickly.

Next up- doing all the same stuff in FMOD to prove I can use that too.

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Looking at the past 15 years, "stop giving money to people who want to hurt you" seems to have been a pretty effective strategy.

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The Head of Strategy at Muse Group has now threatened someone publicly on the basis of their immigration status:

This has NO place in free software and I'm ashamed and embarrassed on their behalf.

This is the same company involved in the wildly unpopular Audacity takeover:

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it turns out the noise the fan has started making is inside the electric motor, which is RIVETED SHUT, so I guess I'm buying a new fan.

You look up one video on how to render tallow and Youtube decides you're a tallow enthusiast

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"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child." leonardo the vinci

I finally listened to the internet and made coffee ice cubes for my iced coffee.

Now I can drink iced coffee without worrying about it getting watered down over time!

Today I spent a lot of time feeling like I'm trash, and everything I make is trash.

Then I spent some time in the studio trying to excise that feeling.

I'm going to bed now, but here's a snippet of a serene thing I made because I felt bad.

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Good morning!

Your suffering and grind under capitalism is not unique and you are not alone.

Feel hugged if you like.

Enjoy your :coffee_semiotic_standard:

You better believe you're getting marked as spam if you want me to log in to unsubscribe from your bullshit.

>"Safer crosswalks and intersections would ease anxiety among Hawaii's elderly"

Shit, I'm not elderly and safer intersections would go a long way for _my_ anxiety

>Ars Technica: "The Windows 11 insider build is surprisingly unpolished and unfinished"


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former Spotify exec said the quiet part out loud at a music conference last week

When all of this started, I resigned myself to being stuck in an uncomfortable situation for way longer than anyone else thought it would last.

I've been a good egg. I minimize trips out. I haven't seen my family since January 2020. I've been reminding myself that getting through this will require sacrifices to personal comfort.

But we're coming up on a year and a half of this. And I am really starting to resent

Everyone else.

new yorkers for fucks sake you can look at that water and just tell you don't want to wade in to it.

Almost got T-boned by a guy driving down the wrong side of the street trying to drive and shave with an electric beard trimmer at the same time.

Hope you don't kill anyone today, asshole.

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