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borrowed partner's iPad to play around with ARKit 2 and the app store is still the infuriating clusterfuck of a user experience that drove me to Android half a decade ago.

Reading a lot of accounts now from sailors using sea anchors when caught in huge storms- a lot of them point out that it's critical to attach your sea anchor to the stern instead of the bow, but that seems like common sense to me

If you ran spam-bots and get-followers-quick schemes on soundcloud: fuck you.

Somehow posting links to my new track resulted in a surge of people listening to /other tracks/, and no new listens on that track.

Unless Soundcloud's analytics are borked.

In other news, still looking for a way to get paid to do techno-art wizardry, preferably for the betterment of humanity

I also get jealous of vis-art friends who can hang out with other vis-art friends while they work. Have you ever watched a bunch of artists having a sketch party?

That shit doesn't work when you're working on the same 3 seconds of audio for two hours.

Coding is a bit more social, but it's not like you can sit around chatting while trying to figure out some abstract logic either.

Even people who want to support your work need to find time and space to listen to it without bothering anyone- Maybe they want to wait until they get home to their speakers that they like or their good headphones

Twitter / Masto et al are great for visual artists- you can tweet out your art and it has a chance to catch the eye of anyone who follows your hashtags or your handle, but music is a more frustrating medium to try to share.

I'd say a good song has a lot of potential to hook in to people, but you need to find a way to get people to sit down for /precious minutes of their lives/ and listen to it. That's hard.

Got a fav on soundcloud for the track, went to check who it was, and it was a bot for a spam company. :(

It reminded me how much fun pure /editing/ is in audio, maybe it's time for me to get back in to it

Just tweeted my C-Team fan-art-song to Tycho @ Penny-Arcade, feeling kinda nervous, but I'm actually kinda stoked at how well it came together: soundcloud.com/mired/cream-tea

Productivity was up today- made two tracks for the RPG jam that @toffee and I are working on, and one fan track for an IP that will probably be revealed tomorrow

It looks like I still know how to make music <3

The OST for the original Hellsing anime is actually a masterwork. Imagine sitting down to compose a soundtrack for a vampire anime and coming up with... that. Imagine that headspace. Job amazingly well done

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RT @rayadim@twitter.com: I like @Microsoft@twitter.com's depiction of how assuring is not only beneficial for disabled people but also for all those with temporary/ situational "disability"
e.g. an interface accessible by 1 hand works for both a one-armed man & a parent holding a baby

๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ”—: twitter.com/rayadim/status/968

Managed to get enough hours to at least wrap up the project and pay rent next month, so I can A get a little bit of closure and B have a bit more time to find a new gig.

I'd really love another job situation where I can work as part of a small team to build something beautiful that helps people, but is it even possible for lightning to strike twice like that?

Hurricane Florence is terrifyingly huge. Sending good vibes to anyone in its path, I've recently learned a lot about how it feels to be in the predicted path of a hurricane.

Luckily, ours both fizzled out at the last minute.

Also luckily, the southeast is infrastructurally a lot more prepared to deal with hurricanes.

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Me: "I'm so frustrated, I had a plan"

Partner: "Well in China, we have a saying-"

Me: "Fuck your plans?"

Partner: "...It's a little more gentle than that"