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Why though. Why the shitty little desk? They have, and I'm not even exaggerating, one of the most famous -desks- in the world.

Why film his address on that shitty green carpet at that tiny little desk, and not you know

At the Resolute desk in the Oval Office.

There are so many giant god damn mysteries that we'll probably never get answers to the inconsequential, but mind-bending little questions.

I've hated today. Looking forward to not-today.

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On Twitter, we can experience the dark undertones of heteronomous convenience. User Tony Arcieri [developed]( a worrisome experiment about the automatic selection of a focal point for image previews, which often show only a part of them when tweeted. Arcieri uploaded two versions of a long, vertical image. In one, a portrait of Obama was placed at the top, while one of Mitch McConnell at the bottom. In the second image the positioning was reversed. In both cases the focal point chosen for the preview was McConnell's face. Who knows! The system spares the user the time to make such choice autonomously but its logic is obscure and immutable. Here, convenience is heteronomous.

Does it have to be this way? Not necessarily. Mastodon is an open source, self-hosted social network that at the first glance looks like Twitter, but it's profoundly different. One of the many differences (which I'd love to describe in detail but it would be out of the scope of this text, srry) has to do with focal point selection. Here, the user has the option to choose it autonomously, which means manually. They can also avoid making any decision. In that case, the preview will show the middle of the image by default. :workstation:

(thx @joak for pointing me to this case!)

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god, shopping for computer parts was stressful enough when you could actually buy the parts

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I'd also like to note that across the board, display naming conventions are really not beginner friendly.

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Is this a decent display?

I do professional audio work and also dev stuff, plus some light video editing and 3D modeling on the side. I'm in the process of putting together a beefy generalist setup and am looking for flat 21:9 display for under $700

I think the curved ones would bother me.

Thanks for all the recommendations, everyone!

Friend of mine is looking for a good e-reader that's not a digital privacy shit-show.

Anyone have recommendations?

I knew a big new Ableton release was going to hit right after the Apple update.

I'm really sick of playing keep-up-with-the-Jones's

More streamlined comping would be nice to have, but I've been doing it the hard way since Live 8 so I guess I'm gonna keep my money for now.

Don't get me wrong, I've been an Apple fan since people would give you endless shit for owning one, but this presentation was full of really misleading obfuscations, and I'm not here for it.

The new chips are, though, interesting at the very least.

Thank you, Marques Brownlee, for calling Apple on their bullshit metrics

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Any pro tips for working around accessability issues with jitsi? Asking for a blind friend.

They have a lot of unresolved bug reports about this. I'm thinking of setting up my own server and attempt to add those aria tags, but it will probably turn out to be much harder than that.

Like, he can't really tell if his microphone is on or off. Or webcam. Switching rooms turned out to be really awkward. Like really basic things.

#askfedi #jitsi #blind #accessibility #a11y

...and the pro still forces you to pay extra for a touchbar

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So the difference between the new macbook air and the new macbook pro is that the pro has... a fan.

So, you gonna tell us /which/ "PC Laptop Chip" you're comparing the M1 to?

Bofi racing sure do build some wonderfully disgusting Miata rat-rods

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