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I'm a complete New Englander, sorry- Paradise for me is a pine forest so quiet and empty, you can hear the snow fall.

Also accepting recs for good RPGs for Switch- I already have Zelda and Octopath Traveler (disappointed in the lack of character development / interaction there). Somewhat appalled that I can't play Star Ocean or Star Ocean 2 on it.

Alright, grant is in. I'll be hyperventilating for the next three hours before getting on an all-night plane to new england

...the police have formed a drum circle in the field near our apartment

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#Music #Production Pro-Tip:

I don't sit down in the beat laboratory because inspiration approached me like a familiar and sat down on my shoulder.

I sit down in the beat laboratory to concoct an alchemical mixture of sounds that becomes music.

You can't just _wait_ for inspiration to strike you.

You _have_ to sit down and find inspiration.

It's really amazing how much of an impact a little weather stripping and some expanding foam sealant have made to this apartment. It feels so much more sturdy

strong coffee, video chat with an old friend to go over this application, then packing to go home.

Haven't done any meaningful music or coding this week.

But I did get some good little home DIY improvements done. Fixed the gappiness of the windows, sealed up the big holes under the sink where the plumbing comes through, the whole place is less drafty and feels more secure against insects, so.

Just gotta get this grant application buttoned up and sent out and then we can head home and chill with my family for a few weeks.

I told my mom how much eggs cost here and she audibly gasped.

I walk 25 minutes each way to the furthest grocery store in our neighborhood for big provisions because I can get 18 eggs for ~$5 vs the local shops which sell a dozen for ~$7.

Still don't understand how local eggs are somehow more expensive than eggs that have been shipped from California but there you go.

oh man /r/wallstreetbets is everything people say it is. A lot of people with a fundamental misunderstanding of what the stock market is, gambling with their life savings.

Avoid if you don't like reading about people screwing themselves.

Wonderful, busy day- I feel a rosy glow on my cheeks which means I must be a bit burned.

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I say this as a cis dude. Using another person's proper pronouns costs us _nothing_. It's just common courtesy.

Refusing to do so just makes you an asshole. The math isn't complicated on this one.

We had a guy come out and look around, he said we don't have any signs of having a problem in our apartment, but in a building this big someone is bound to, so the best we can do is seal all the weird gaps and keep our place cleaner than our neighbors'.

related: I've learned something very important in our three months of living in a high-rise: Your neighbors bug problems are your bug problems.

I just went to town with a can of expanding foam sealant and some weather stripping, and blocked off the one duct that connects us to other apartments, so hopefully between that and the fact that we spend a significant percentage of our lives cleaning, we won't be finding any explorers anymore.

tracking down bugs in code is way more fun than tracking down bugs in your apartment

There's something about the feeling of changing gears in my Subaru that I deeply, deeply miss. I still own it, it's wrapped up under a tarp in my parents' barn, but we just don't need it badly enough to justify the expense of shipping it out here.

I've gotta find another job so I can get it out here. Or get a first gen miata or something.

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folks folks folks

hope you're having a great day

This is the single best piece of animation ever made and I don't care if I've already linked it at some point, I'm not sorry:

I have a thing about Christmas music already, but there's something deeply incongruous about hearing "let it snow" while sitting in an open air coffee shop in a place where the average temperature in December is 72

@cosine for classic new england cynicism and programming life protips

second night in a row my solution works fine on the test data and chokes on the real puzzle input :/

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