Sometimes the crafting in FFXIV can be more tense and exciting than the combat. I made a 100,000 gil mistake the other day trying to HQ a pair of boots for a quest, and had to carefully plan out how to minimize the damage for doing it over again the right way.

Also the crafting system is deeply, deeply engaging.

all I wanted to do tonight was play FFXIV and forget about how god damned awful everything is.

But 24 hour maintenance.

once again, a dreaded excursion to the grocery store.

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Prison abolition means deincarcerating your thought; it means not imagining prisons and jails and retributive punishment as your immediate thought on concerns of accountability.

Lifehack: Route your telecon audio through a DAW so you can apply compression and de-essing to the group.

Finally I can hear the quiet person and not get blown out of the water by the loud person.

I also burned my tongue trying to speed-eat a bowl of soup before a video meeting, I'm calling it- I'm just going back to bed

I didn't rinse my filter thoroughly and now my coffee has soap in it my day is ruined

Commentators may not realize that NASCAR has at least one full road-course race a year.

(I don't care about NASCAR even a little bit, but the road course races are actually pretty interesting. )

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Due to a GT300 rules change, the Prius is now running a Lexus GT3 engine instead of its old detuned Toyota Le Mans prototype engine.

Still, it's a mid-engine Prius GT3, so I love it.

It's followed by a Lotus that someone put cute little monster teeth on

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My beloved BRZ in first place right now, which historically speaking means it will catch fire in the next couple of laps and retire

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I'm so thrilled The Race got the streaming rights back, their commentary is far, far better than

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Spent some time in a volcano today. Remember when pre-rendered cutscenes didn't look this good?

There are some /really/ suggestive ambient sounds in the main town areas of FFXIV.

I added voices to my civies in Gloam and I am in love with their chatter

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