Since that'll never happen, can Band-Maid team up with Miyavi to do it? Please?

I just realized that what I've been craving in my ears for the last couple of days has been a Pantera cover of Welcome to the Jungle.

Joe Biden's over here in 1999 talking about marijuana as a gateway drug.

Fuck off, Joe. If you want me to even think about you as a candidate, I wanna see a plan to hold every single person involved with separating children from their families accountable.

And if you're worried about gateway drugs let's talk about prescription opioids

fire alarm is going off again in the building that was on fire a few months ago.

I hope it's just a test?

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re: Learning Rust 

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And if culture is ephemeral and transitory, then what about identity, eh? There's never been a single "you", constant in time. There is you now this very second, and the degrading biosignals of memory filtered through our current understandings. You do not remember yourself accurately and nothing can be done about that past you anyway. So who are you now? That's all the truly matters.

But it is important to remember that the past is how outside observers build their model of you. Theory of the mind and what not. If you were a bigoted asshole in the past and miraculously no longer are, your word alone will not change the predictive algorithms we all run. You will need to demonstrate the new-you and over time the predictive models will adjust. But it does take time and patience is required. (This is true of most large changes, not just bigotry, like that time you denounced Nickleback but we all knew you still had the best-of in the car's cd player)

My first ever published track was actually an appearance on someone else's remix album:

I always liked seeing remixes on albums I'd pick up and wonder about the relationship between the original artist and the remixer.

...though Explosions in the Sky opening for The Flaming Lips at the bank of america pavillion in Boston was also up there

I got super, super lucky once and made it in to the front row to see Flying Lotus at Sonar. After the show, he came up to the front of the stage, smoked half a joint in one puff, ate a ham sandwich, and went on a five minute monologue about the quality of the ham in Barcelona.

I think that was the best show I've ever been to.

I really wonder sometimes who these people are. Is my MP3 sitting on an external drive somewhere in their house? Their iTunes library? Is it sitting around on an MP3 player?

What kind of environments have people been listening in? Has anyone ever heard my stuff at a friend's party and said "yo, who are we listening to?"

That's all I ever really wanted when I started doing this

This was such a beautiful era of WRC:

I never get tired of watching the GD machines wine and chatter their way around.

But not as bad as the <dramatic moment is happening> song

I have the Twin Peaks themesong stuck in my head and its awful

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So if I put a vec of vecs of tuples inside a mutex inside an Arc I think this will work

Pomplamoose covering Django Reinhardt? Good morning

Apple finally getting over their thinness at all costs design MO, new mbp is a bit thicker and a bit heavier and has a better keyboard and as much battery as they could cram in it without falling afoul of the FAA

Why is it easier to write all of these buffers to disk than it is to just store the buffers in a Vec?


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