I think putting a derivative of the new SuperGT/SuperFormula engine in it (they're available already as crate engines) would have given it a better sense of lineage.

Sure, people will argue that it's not a straight 6, but BMW's straight-6 designs are completely different anyway.

The problem with the new Supra (aside from the fact that it doesn't have a Toyota engine- the 2JZ is what made MKIV so legendary) is that even with the Toyota bodywork, the BMW design language reads through.

From a side profile, it looks plausibly Supra-esque until just forward of the front wheels, where that nose angle is pure Z4, but from the top there's so much more Z4 character that comes through.

I'm sure it's a great car, but calling it a new Supra was... not the greatest marketing move, IMO.

For the first time yesterday, (and again today) I cooked fish voluntarily, and /liked it/.

That was a great race, too bad Kobayashi got screwed over by the rule mandating you need to run both tire compounds.

This series has a "push button for more power" system, which I've never been a fan of, but unlike Formula E and Formula 1, there aren't any special zones where you can use them, or worse (I'm looking at you Formula E) zones that activate the feature in the car.

This one has a 100 second lockout after you use it.

So far it seems to be responsible for 3 burned out clutches and at least two shunts.

Not Ayanami, but I'm liking this team INGING livery all the same.

Too bad it seems as though they've just burned out their clutch.

WHAT, one of these cars has Rei Ayanami on its wing stays.

Found which team I'm rooting for.

Apparently this season only Honda and Toyota engines are represented

Formation Lap is almost over, the race will start in a few moments

If you want to join me in learning about Super Formula (which as I understand it is a one-make formula car chassis with engines from the SuperGT series), Race 1 of the season is streaming live with English commentary here: youtube.com/watch?v=Y-jIVHgc7e

Gonna make a salmon and hard-boiled egg salad and watch Super Formula tonight because NISMO has failed me, and every non-Japanese SuperGT enthusiast and abandoned their live-streams.

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The world can do more than one thing at a time.

Panic created by poor media choices have limited the scope of your vision.

Top floor of a highrise, one whole apartment. Fire Dept is here.

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I think I need to build my own wooden rackmount boxes to get this gator case off of my desk.

It did its job, it got my stuff here undamaged, and it will do it again the next time we move. Now though, it's taking up too much space

"I got out at the end of the Fourth Season, Fourthmeal if you will, at what might have been the last episode but maybe it wasn’t and I don’t super care if it was." - Jerry Holkins perfectly describes my own experience with Game of Thrones.

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