Situation appears to be resolved. Four houses burned down, three dead, at least two more injured.

Active Shooter near Kapiolani Park / Diamond Head, apparently he set a couple of houses on fire too. There's been an on stop stream of emergency vehicles headed that direction all morning

"why does my head hurt so much? why am I so sleepy?"

<go to grab my coffee cup to make another cup, coffee sloshes out of it and on to my hand>

Today is clearly a "make a cup of coffee and then forget to drink it" kind of day, because I've done it twice so far

Also, why does everyone make such a big deal about being able to write things without parentheses in Haskell. Is making things arbitrarily more difficult to read a feature?

So I think the idea of Monads just clicked for me.

Now they're talking about currying functions and I'm getting hungry

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hey! im running a small, chill jam for the lunar new year from jan 25-feb 8.

- the theme is lunar new year but submit anything you want
- if you don't celebrate you can submit but racism will not be tolerated even a little

🌙 🌙

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Someone sent James a box of Cat Whiskers and his reaction to it and the accompanying letter is one of the best things I've ever seen:

I love the production on Boris' Akuma no Uta.

"Fuck your preamps!"

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Emerald City Resource Guide

This is the complete guide to public services in Seattle. Homeless? LGTBQIA+? Native/Indigenous? PoC?

This has everything you need!

We live now in an era where we don't need cable TV stations to host debates.

James May has a youtube channel now where he reviews the terrible sandwiches of his youth:

MIT lecture series about Category Theory with Haskell, lecturer talking about a function declaration he's just written on the board: "This is a perfectly valid way to do it. It won't explode. Unless...! S-" <gets interrupted by a student question and never gets back to his thought>

Please, please, I really wanted to know what would make the Haskell explode

But the WRX invites near-death experiences. Welcomes them.

The Miata is precise, but... there's something about it that's difficult to put in to words. It's not sedate. It's not slow (though lots of people would argue). It's a car that prefers to be fun above all else.

I guess maybe that's a distinction between sports car and WRC homologation special.

It's weird, a lot of people look at the Miata and say "Now that's a sports car", in a way they didn't really ever comment about my WRX.

But the WRX is much more wild, more manic- a screaming devil of a car that just wants more from you, always.

The Miata is really tame by comparison. The frame is lighter, more precise, it responds to steering input in a really beautiful way- the engine is... an engine. It's a lovely car, and it's good for Oahu.

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