I am _completely about_ the character design in Horimiya

My mom new about the new nvidia server CPU before I did.

motorsports.tv snagged the rights to Super GT this season and put it behind a paywall. Their previous coverage has been abysmal so I'm definitely not paying for it.

gutted :/

At least Redbull TV's coverage of Super Formula is pretty good so I can still watch that.

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These are a spec formula chassis but with either Honda or Toyota engines- the same engines as their SuperGT 500 cars IIRC. Same set of drivers as the Super GT championship as well.

IMO much more interesting to watch than Formula 1

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Not being covered by The Race unfortunately, but hopefully Red Bull motorsports has better commentary than motorsport.tv

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i know tomorrow is April 1, but can we all agree to just not be dicks about it

The Good Place podcast 

Also these people all have such wonderful voices. I could listen to all of these actors (and the writers too, honestly) talk forever

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The Good Place podcast 

Listening to the Good Place podcast and they're joking about how bad July 2018 is and I like. Can't even remember what was going on then.

Obviously at any point between November 2015 and now you could crack a joke about how everything is terrible and people would be like "yeah pretty much" but like.

What was their definition of "shit's fucked" then, and how does it compare to now?

"Music Every Day" plan has evolved in to "Music whenever you remotely feel inspired to work on it" and I'm a lot happier with both the quality and quantity of my results

After literal years of writers block, the sound of my next album is finally coming together and it's more or less the synthesis of everything I've ever been inspired by but didn't have the skill to incorporate

I'm honestly thrilled

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When I read about NFTs for the first time two months ago, I thought they were neat and had some really neat possible applications.

Now my timeline is full of desperate NFT cash grabs, and I should definitely have seen it coming, but I'm disgusted all the same.

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the "androids are taking our jobs" sci-fi trope is honestly one of the darkest, because the entire point of automation is to make it so that nobody has to work anymore if they don't want to. In literally any non-oligarchical society, the automatically generated resources would be distributed and everyone would be happy.

the idea that a population would be so brainwashed that they want more work and less automation, instead of more automation and much more universal basic income, is so deeply and fundamentally disturbing, yet it's already happening

Neighbor seems to have decided that because I haven't complained in a while it's ok to start cranking bass music every day again.

My downstairs neighbor was good for a while, but has now taken to blasting what I can only imagine is the fucking Arrival soundtrack.

another day, another Python research-tool one-day-build

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