My friend just put out a really chill music video, she did all the animations herself! Check it out!

Boosts appreciated!

They ding-dong-ditched me today at 8:57am and are now holding my package hostage at the post office

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>Events with up to 1,000 people will be allowed on Oahu under new rules that reflect drop in infections

Our infection rate is now more or less equivalent to the peak numbers from the first wave.

This will never end.

It's a windy, drizzly day here in Honolulu and I am here for it. Feels like October today.

Before at least they were updating the date every day

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So like, what. Did you put it on a boat? Did it sink? Is a team of divers trying to find it and dredge it back up? Does that fall under "moving within the USPS network" now?

Does anyone remember OpenGarden / Firechat?

They released some really interesting stuff and then disappeared off the face of the earth, and now they seem to be a cell service provider.

The 2020's aesthetic so far is a pretty awesome blend of people trying to make things look like we thought it would look now in the 90's, and making things look like they did in the 90's. Strong cyberpunk vibes to match our tech-dystopia reality

Happy everyone!

I'm not going to force myself to do a loop every day, that'd go against my new years resolution of not participating in any timed challenges.

But this was a throwaway session to play with a new pedal, so I figured why not share.

Just a reminder that if Jeff Bezos lost 99% of his net worth right now, he'd still be worth about $2 billion.

Yeah, and I'm here checking on the status because I wan't to know where in the network it FUCKING IS

Feeling extreme kindan no tasuketsu vibes this morning.

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Hi all: this account is in hybernation after #Gab functionally left the #fediverse, but wanted to wake it from slumber to note that all your work got noticed in a new ISD Report.

"There is precedent for open source communities to push back against those who seek to use their tools to promote hate speech. One such case is Mastodon, an open source social media community which has waged a long-running war of attrition against an influx of far-right users from Gab – a war which, as of December 2020, they appear to have won."

Thanks for the office chair wisdom everyone!

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I would read up on OSHA ergonomic rules to help understand what a supportive chair and environment consists of.

Sitting a lot will fuck your spine. Good chairs help mitigate that a bit by helping you keep a well-stacked spine, but standing regularly is key.

I had a steel case for awhile and appreciated both the support features and build quality. Try to find a used one

Ok, I need guidance. I've finally decided to start worrying about / taking care of my body, and it's time to get a real chair given that it's looking like I will be working from home indefinitely (yay!).

Are there chairs that:

won't fuck your spine

and: Do not cost as much as a used mini cooper

Also, I never want another pleather thing in my house again

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