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swearing, bad puns, sex joke Show more

swearing, bad puns, sex joke Show more

Colon: oh you appear to have ingested some milk, let me help get that out

Today: beer, cider, trains. It was a good day.

A true random number generator based on the time it takes for Tomcat to reload this application

Essential "Commenting out code until it compiles", by me

@MightyPork also - using something like an ESP to control a mains relay to remotely control an electric heater - yay or nay?

Another tip for new users on a.weirder.earth - it's okay to talk about unpleasant things - racism, violence, depression, etc. but it's general etiquette on Mastodon to put it behind a content warning so people can choose whether or not they want to engage with it at any given time. Thanks ! 💚 a.weirder.earth/media/j83Mb93j


Web developers: please stop fucking with the scrolling on your web page (AKA overriding my system's scroll settings)

it's janky as hell, kills a user's muscle memory

definitely not worth whatever the fuck pointless gimmick you want to do by messing with the user's scrolling

Fake news.
True crime.
Unverifiable sources.

Join me for another episode of "what the fuck is going on?", where we examine current affairs exclusively through the medium of shitposts.

TIL all vanilla beans must be hand pollinated because the only species of bee capable of pollinating a vanilla bean orchid is likely extinct.


It's Spocktober, which makes the new Star Trek show quite timely.

@Elizafox by this token everyone who started learning English from pop songs and then got good enough to put it on their CV is appropriating from English-speaking cultures

A stock market based on the best shitposts

Or better yet, a browser based game where you literally breed memes together.

A browser-based game in which you manage your very own shitposter army and they can wage wars against other players' armies. A Travian but with shitposts, if you will.

Do you know why the web still persists to this day? It's not about ease of use or accessibility. No, there's another force at play.

The HTTP killer.

He's said to be Tim Berners Lee's evil twin, initially locked away in Vint Cerf's wine cellar. But now he's on the loose, and if you dare to make fun of http's double slashes or write hot takes about how the web is dead... He'll double-slash you!

Watching Narcos feels like a Spanish lesson. Except the two words I know so far are "mui" and "puta"