If you want to charge me 30p to use the toilet at a train station, you bet your ass I'm gonna flush the train toilet while in the platform

I wrote a blog post on Doctor Who and capitalism! In it, I explore how the series dealt with capitalism and what is its overall opinion.


Installing tensorflow with GPU support must surely be the most difficult part of deep learning

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Oh hi, two weeks ago I wrote a short essay on singularitarianism, Roko's Basilisk, and a trilogy of Doctor Who episodes from the last season. I'd love it if you gave it a read.


There's a novella about Roko's Basilisk. It's about as dumb as the thing itself.

tired: swearing like a docker
wired: swearing like you're using Docker

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Well, I'm still waiting for github pages to issue me an SSL cert, but I got a basic site up and I'm going to start working on this regularly.

I'll update y'all when there is more to show off!

For now, checkout androidfor.fun

Once again, does anyone know any good resources on how to structure Android apps that maintain persistent connections to a server?

I have an Android architecture question. I want my app to be able to connect to a user-configired server and maintain a websocket to it. What's the best approach?

Why would anyone put PHP inside docker? At the end of the day you still have a pile of shit, this time in a box

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