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There's a novella about Roko's Basilisk. It's about as dumb as the thing itself.

tired: swearing like a docker
wired: swearing like you're using Docker

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Well, I'm still waiting for github pages to issue me an SSL cert, but I got a basic site up and I'm going to start working on this regularly.

I'll update y'all when there is more to show off!

For now, checkout

Once again, does anyone know any good resources on how to structure Android apps that maintain persistent connections to a server?

I have an Android architecture question. I want my app to be able to connect to a user-configired server and maintain a websocket to it. What's the best approach?

Why would anyone put PHP inside docker? At the end of the day you still have a pile of shit, this time in a box

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One of the first tangible positive results of #GDPR: Google seems to be launching non-personalized ads:

An invaluable tool for front end developers struggling to get the padding *just right*

@MightyPork do you still have that userscript for markdown in mastodon posts?

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A lot of discourse on Mastodon still seems to be mostly _about_ Mastodon. Was it like that once email was invented?

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📣 PSA 📣

❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

If you know any #photo #photography or #photographer types on please direct them our way.

Their admin just announced the service will shut down 2018/04/30 and we'd like to help their users find a good home.

Please boost this.

swearing, bad puns, sex joke Show more

swearing, bad puns, sex joke Show more

Colon: oh you appear to have ingested some milk, let me help get that out

Today: beer, cider, trains. It was a good day.