Building 5 things at once is your best guarantee to deliver none.

People can't multitask. Teams are even worse at that.

Fast but with high quality.
Huge Agile teams.
Fixed price projects.

Software development is not about technology. It's about solving problems.

HOW to build something is the easy part.

WHY is the more interesting question and WHAT is where the magic happens.

Focus is one of the superpowers a product team must have to build great stuff.

Sounds simple, is hard.

You can't build software for someone else.

You can't outsource it either.

You can only build it together.

If you can't find developers for your project, it's you, not them.

A small team with a singular vision building a one-trick-pony : that is the simple recipe for a successful IT project.

A small team with a singular vision building a one-trick-pony : that is the simple recipe for a successful IT project.

I don't believe in that sign-off culture anymore.

It leaves a sour tastes in everyone's mouth and leads to mediocre results at best.

But that's just my opinion. ;-)

If you feel the need to write out user stories with wireframes and acceptance criteria, you're saying your developers don't understand the problem.

It's pouring time into micromanagement instead of better communication.

My grandparents decided to learn Welsh when they were 65. After two years of lessons in it (and talking Welsh with me at home, I was going to a Welsh school and was already fluent), they were fluent. My grandmother, around the same time, decided to overcome her phobia of water and had me teach her how to swim. She'd swim laps with me in the pool up into her 80s.

You're not too old and it's not too late to try something new.

Digital transformation means accepting that you're becoming a software company.

Everything else is a sales pitch.

You can only climb one mountain at a time. You can organize and support multiple expeditions, but that means staying in the base camp.

Managers that want to lead multiple teams hands-on, slow everyone down.

For most companies, building software is NOT their core-business.

It's OK to struggle with that.

*reads job ad for a Scrum Master position.

"Hmmm... That sounds a lot like a project manager job..."

"No, no! We're doing Scrum. We have no managers!"

Most enterprise projects are games. If you can deliver on time and within scope you win. That is the goal.

I hope these games are fun, because they sure aren't productive.

Resist the temptation of adding "one small extra feature" when your release candidate is ahead of schedule.

Ship and celebrate early.

If being an expert is a big part of our self, asking for outside expertise feels like a weakness.

It shouldn't.

We write code for an audience. Keep them in mind.

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