I don't understand those people that have an opinion on where someone else should do their job.

Let people work from wherever they feel most productive.

When I hear people say they "only commute 45 minutes", a little calculator takes hold of my brain.

45 min * 2 daily * 5 days per week * 48 weeks per year = 21600 minutes commute per year.

That's the equivalent of 2 working months that you spend en route. Not productive. Unpaid.

Shamefull confession here.

I'm in tech. I should know better, but I postponed installing a Password Manager until today. One of my passwords wasn't updated since 2014.

I know there are other procrastinators out there.

Don't wait. Do it today.

Tech needs better leaders and classic management schools are not delivering. You can't apply the logic of a product assembly line to a creative business.

We need techies to take up the leadership.

Management : "We don't want anymore meaningless refactoring. Let's keep eyes on the prize."

Also management: "We're adding swimlanes to the JIRA board for no reason."

Developers are vocal about the system they have to work in when that system prevents them from doing quality work.

If your first instinct is to explain to them why they are wrong, you shouldn't be a coach.

This is absolutely not a story about how developers are squeezed in the Agile Industrial Complex.

It's just something about a bus service...


All leaders have moments when they slack and hold their work to lower standards. When subpar is good enough.

To weasel is human.

If no-one is holding you accountable for measurable results, you're hurting your company.

If you're a Scrum Master on a team that doesn't ship working software to the end users at least once a month, you're a delivery manager.

There's nothing wrong with that, but what's the point of going though the Scrum ceremonies?

It’s not a pleasant truth to most business people, who’d like more predictability.

But it’s a reality, nonetheless.

Software development is a creative job.


If you've ever bought a book and then not read it, you'll understand why big decisions in a Steering Committee never seem to change anything.

We get a bigger dopamine rush from saying we'll do something than from actually doing it.

The idea that on-site communication is more efficient than remote work is a myth perpetuated by those that organize meetings for a living.

As usual: it depends.

Most of us have no idea what the next steps in our career are. That's totally OK.

We should let go of the myth that adults have it figured out.

You call it "herding cats" while the cats wonder what you're trying to do.

If you want to eat healthy, don't keep chocolate in the house.

If you want to focus on your product, don't measure all kinds of data just because you can.

Most metrics are junk food.

You can't be great at everything, but the compartmentalization of knowledge work is not feasible.

We need awesome marketeers with some tech chops.

We need kick-ass developers with a feel for design.

Silos hurt your business.

Asynchronously overcommunicating beats status meetings.

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