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Not just "works", but "you want to use it because it's just pleasant to work with". It doesn't cause you grief, things can be found where they make sense (even if that's not "where the compeition puts it"), everything feels coherent, and dialogs/options only go 2 deep, ever.

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And that's really the biggest problem with FOSS. There are some projects that are amazing _despite_ being open source, not because of it. Those projects have managed to attract usability and design experts (if not in title, at least in skill) and made their product "pleasant".

@Matthias1 I refuse to call it “tooting”. It’s just stupid. If can’t give me a better name, it’s “tweeting here”.

Wow I haven’t tweeted in like 3 days I’ve been busy and productive irl lol.

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Too many people thinking that "emoji" and "emoticon" both start with the same "emo" prefix. They rather entirely don't, and emoji is a combination of "e" (絵), meaning picture, and "moji" (文字), for orthographic letter. I will grant it's an amusing coincidence, though.

I feel like it’s Tuesday except it’s not Tuesday it’s Saturday.

@Matthias1 I need to check it like I check Rigby, as if there’s not going to be stuff posted.

I keep checking here as if there’s going to be stuff posted

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Big thanks to @nolan for reducing the webpack compile time of Mastodon from 6 minutes to less than 1 minute. Turns out it was the zopfli compression plugin #mastodev

Oh I can change Toodon’s theme to be less light green. Not a huge fan of Mastodon’s theme either, but I think I like this better.

@tootdon’s user search is returning a 500 error. It’s very confusing.

I can’t believe I couldn’t get “Matthias”, on the technology Mastodon, when I signed up like months ago.

I’m going to continue refusing to pay money for an iOS Mastodon client while complaining.

@Matthias1 I thought Moltz was active here, but he also reactivated his Twitter account and I stopped listening to the Rebound, so I don’t know what’s going on with him.

Pomax is the only person I follow here who posts stuff.

Everyone says confidence is sexy but have you ever met a girl who’s competent? That sweet ability to get stuff done...

I'll try to remember to make a new Mastodon account in the next couple of days for trash tweets instead of jumping social medias as soon as people start following me.

I really should spam on an account that's not linked to me in any way if I want people to not find it.

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