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Can get your coders to free my last name from icloud jail?
Been locked out for 6+ months because of an uncapitalized t in TRUE, my surname but also a computer command.

Now that I a layman have explained problem to you a giant computer company, could u fix?

@Apple @AppleSupport twitter.com/RachelTrue/status/

Agan was a core Jazz Hands member, and we are sad to lose ███.
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It makes fantasy baseball look like “fiction” baseball.

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Blaseball is like fantasy baseball, but in a Welcome to Nightvale style universe. I love it.
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We're just about halfway through Internet League Season 12, brought to you by Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator! Let's take a look at the standings! 🩸⚾️

He left again. I didn't mean it please come back. :cry:
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Glad we can all return to our regularly scheduled bullying of @carlita_express

Glad we can all return to our regularly scheduled bullying of @carlita_express

Techno is insane. You watch his videos from 2, 3 years ago, he’s at 300k subscribers talking about “3%.” His dedication is scary.
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I always said I would pass Luke in number of Tweets eventually. I didn’t want it to happen like this.

I don’t know what this is but wow
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'how do i get pretty women to sleep with me btw TC: 600k'
'how do i 25x my net worth by next week TC: 800k'
'im the best ever at leetcode ama TC: 360k'

wtf go outside

Just had to pay with cash like it’s 1950 because all the Home Depot‘s in the world run their credit card processing through the same centralized Home Depot server somewhere, which is apparently down.

This is happening to every Home Depot across the country.
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I am at a Home Depot where all the self checkout registers just failed. And now all the managed registers are failing one by one. The tech side of me is just fascinated by what’s going on and sympathetic to the staff that’s losing their mind.

Okay that’s enough Twitter for the month. You know where to find me.

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Here we go, I’m a bad person for deleting Twitter.
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Don't look away. You are watching history. You are watching a massive law enforcement failure. BLM = tear gas, beatings and arrests. Capitol Terrorists = go on in and fire guns, steal the artwork, break things, break into offices, and terrorize the country.

I’m honestly close to tears. I can’t take it. It’s a problem.

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