4: I don’t go to school here, I go to [REDACTED]
5: What are you doing here then?
4: Oh I have a couple of properties in the area. Oh yeah, I do real estate.

1: Want to play foosball
3: Sure. How to I play? Oh on the tables here? *stands awkwardly at the end of the table*

1: I have so much homework due tomorrow that I haven’t started yet.
2: Me too
1: Want to play foosball
2: Sure

Hats are for people who are too afraid to cover their ears with a scarf.

Please. My ability to be productive. Where is it?

And I can't have a picture and poll in the same tweet

This guy’s all, I play the ocarina, like that’s a real instrument, I thought it was just a video game.

generalgrievousdatingsim: don’t let yourself get caught out! know your draconic lore (source) generalgrievousdatingsim: guys will mix up wyrms and lindwurms and say “well they’re all dragons aren’t they” generalgrievousdatingsim: guys will tell... tmblr.co/Zg0t1W2nJGVQl

This is a quick test I set up Twitter to mirror to Mastodon. Let’s see if I can post on Tumblr and have it show up on Mastodon via Twitter. tmblr.co/Zg0t1W2nJB5cF

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Not just "works", but "you want to use it because it's just pleasant to work with". It doesn't cause you grief, things can be found where they make sense (even if that's not "where the compeition puts it"), everything feels coherent, and dialogs/options only go 2 deep, ever.

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And that's really the biggest problem with FOSS. There are some projects that are amazing _despite_ being open source, not because of it. Those projects have managed to attract usability and design experts (if not in title, at least in skill) and made their product "pleasant".

@Matthias1 I refuse to call it “tooting”. It’s just stupid. If can’t give me a better name, it’s “tweeting here”.

Wow I haven’t tweeted in like 3 days I’ve been busy and productive irl lol.

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Too many people thinking that "emoji" and "emoticon" both start with the same "emo" prefix. They rather entirely don't, and emoji is a combination of "e" (絵), meaning picture, and "moji" (文字), for orthographic letter. I will grant it's an amusing coincidence, though.

I feel like it’s Tuesday except it’s not Tuesday it’s Saturday.

@Matthias1 I need to check it like I check Rigby, as if there’s not going to be stuff posted.

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