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Shape Security’s latest product protects smaller businesses from credential stuffing - Shape Security has been helping big companies stay safe from fraudulent activities like password reu... more: #credentialstuffing #shapesecurity #ddosattacks #security #startups #cloud #tc

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You should pay for some of the apps on your phone.
Years ago a friend said to me, “I’ll pay $4.00 for a coffee that will be gone in 10 to 30 minutes, so why wouldn’t I pay $4.00 for an app that I’m going to use over and over again for months or years?”

Pay the app developers who make your life better!
Show a little love.
Replace the free trial version with the paid version.

Windows 10 aufs Lumia: Dank Firmware-Image so einfach wie nie zuvor
От Discover в Google,108755.html

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After today's working day, I'm thinking about going to films. I played a flash of 6 movies and I hope that the process will be completed until I get home. The laptop is with me in the backpack.😂😂😂😂

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Following up on the degraded service from yesterday, here is the postmortem with details and learnings for next time:

Reach out to @ashfurrow with any questions. Thanks again, everyone.

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