how did we get here?
why do we keep mistaking warnings for blueprints?

@y0x3y Authoritarianism, demagoguery, bigotry, and idiocy are all baked into human nature. No victory over them can ever be permanent. We have reached the point in the 4-generation cycle where all of the people who lived through the last cycle (WWII) are gone. So now we get to re-learn it all the hard way. Like we do every hundred years or so.

@ManyAngled i'd say more the first matrix movie + the last jedi rather than any of those other than handmaid's tale

the struggle is continuing, however downwards it's continuing

So, that means politicians used the mentioned stuff as how-to manuals 🤔

@Azt3c it's kind of like how in wilderness safety you never shout "don't go there!" because they might not hear the "don't"

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