The assumptions you make about your values *are* the value type.

rereading /Leaves of Grass/. the introduction makes me sad, Whitman's vision of what is great about America and her people seems so far away.

brings tears to my eyes, i really wish we were fulfilling his vision.

doing a blog on github pages
* no jekyll or template (except behind the scenes)
* no command line or terminal

Lately I'm haunted by this vision of the internet becoming an incarnation of Ray Bradbury's "Night Call Collect". Just bots talking to each other like the ghost of human civilization.

Which baba?

Here's the percentage of your life the U.S. has been at war.

Source: Washington Post

"We’re already at the point where it’s easier to generate passable garbage than it is to detect and remove it. This will only get worse as we go from ‘passable garbage’ to simply ‘passable content’....

Barring a dramatic shift in user authentication standards, we may soon find that the majority of political content (by volume) is written by computers. What happens then?"

Washington Post Hacked into a Chevy Volt to Show How Much Cars Are Spying on Their Owners - Your car is collecting and transmitting a lot more data than you think, as this investigation graphically depicts

"The road to Ultra Low Speed (ULS) technology is long, slow, and easy."

i need more of this in my life...

Every so often I'm reminded that we haven't really solved the problem of type systems for numbers.

I don't think there was any way we could have known, but I wish that, circa 2000, humans had had a better appreciation for what would happen when social media made it frictionless to release endorphins via indulging confirmation bias

"In the first signs of a mounting threat, criminals are starting to use deepfakes — starting with AI-generated audio — to impersonate CEOs and steal millions from companies, which are largely unprepared to combat them."

I've just cancelled my GitHub paid plan and decided to spend the money on instead.

Very promising work by @sir.

If there's one thing you should know about OpenSSL, it's that it uses Perl scripts to generate assembler code.

"Those who give up security for performance deserve neither."

just published a quick write up on how to install openshift 3.11 on fedora 30.

if you are curious about getting deeper into the kubernetes rabbit hole, check out my blog and give openshift a test drive =)

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