Remake of Big Night, except instead of a huge banquet it's an AI play.

🎉 Announcing release 0.4.0 of typelevel coulomb - unit analysis for
* major improvements to typeclass factoring
* extensible to custom value types
* integrations with java.time

's refusal to allow me to overload infix operators like '+' using implicit classes gives me a sad.

write down some of my experiences exploring the kubernetes openapi definition after a recent discussion with @ManyAngled

inspired by a conversation with @ManyAngled about kubernetes api objects and user experience, i spent the weekend hacking around on this tool for exploring openapi definitions.

blog post incoming soon, but here is a quick video demo:

Am I the only one who wishes that the default GUI sorting for most objects (files, k8s objects, etc) was "most recently touched first" ?

"Unison is a language in which programs are not text. That is, the source of truth for a program is not its textual representation as source code, but its structured representation as an abstract syntax tree."

"This document describes Unison in terms of its default (and currently, only) textual rendering into source code."

And another thing: some of these linters are buggy. Yesterday I spent an hour discovering that I needed two spaces after the import list. Because... reasons? Other files in same directory had a single space.

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Project CI that gates on linting for alphabetically-sorted imports is a huge waste of dev-community time. We work in a world with editors that can search for whatever import we're looking for.

For anyone who needs the best webcomic in existence:

Interested in development on #container tooling and fixated on container security, like #signing and #provenance? Please reach out to me vbatts @ #redhat dot com

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