I designed st_tree to require only -98 features. Nearly a decade and folks are still contributing \o/

coreboot is an open source firmware alternative which aims to replace your standard BIOS or UEFI. The overall philosophy of coreboot is: Do as much as needed, then jump straight payload. But wait.. what actually is your firmware good for? And what is a payload? Let”s do a short recap before we jump straight into coreboot.

"We are right not to trust our phones. They serve several masters, the least of whom is us.
We tell ourselves ‘it’s okay, I chose this’ when we know it really, really isn’t okay, and we can’t conceive of a way out, or even of a world in which our most intimate device isn’t also a spy.

Let’s face the truth. We are in an abusive relationship with our phones."


that email servers suffer an internal DoS attack from a storm of cascading UNSUBSCRIBE messages

"I’m not happy that we’re finally paying attention to this shit 20 years too late to save the institutions that could have saved us. There’s a direct line between the ongoing decimation of local news and the rise of what all our thought leaders are calling “post-truth America” and everybody acted like it was just the weather, like it just happened to us. Like it wasn’t done on purpose to immense profit for the worst people in America."


i've had some thoughts about exfiltrating data from the cloud recently that lead me to make a little tool and some demonstrations about the tech.

if you are into on and like to use , check it out =)


ever have those days where you just want to walk into the woods and never return?

"Why are you asking me to lie? For that matter, why are you asking me to tell the truth? You know the truth."

us pol 

I keep saying that advertising is a cancer on modern society. I've been asked to justify this belief many times, which is why I finally wrote the following:


I'm old enough to remember when a politician would be tarred as a commie sympathizer just for suggesting we might want to ease back on all the nukes. Now we're witnessing some kind of hacker incarnation of Red Dawn and everyone be like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

stayed up /way/ too late reading letsencrypt and haproxy docs last night(thanks @mdszy XP). still thinking about my simple container hosting, here are my thoughts:


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