I've made a patch for just this feature at gist.github.com/christianp/629, though it's only really useful in conjunction with the rest of my mathstodon branch, which uses MathJax to render LaTeX in toot content: github.com/christianp/mastodon

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Ran an experiment today where going from 0.07% to 6% branch prediction error tripled my execution time.

Spending my Friday afternoon reflecting on how the true cost of an if/then clause can be utterly dominated by its associated branch prediction error rate.

Thinking about how much of my software could be explained by Gambler's Ruin is uncomfortable.

This turned out to be an effect of hardware branch prediction. Totally ordered inputs is (at the logical level) the worst case for my algorithm, but it is the BEST case for branch prediction, and the branch prediction speedup dominated the algorithm slowdown!

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I never get tired of seeing my intuitions and assumptions totally upended by actual experimentation 😂

Maybe my funniest quirk as a programmer is that emotionally I don't trust operator precedence. I'm always using defensive parentheses.

hot take: digestive biscuits are just graham crackers for adults

Just finished recording my @SparkAISummit
talk - come check it out June 26

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