I gave a talk last week at Berlin Buzzwords 2019:
"Why your data schema should include units"

I am feeling like anybody on mastodon will identify with Neal Stephenson's latest "The Fall - or Dodge in Hell"

When it comes to technology, reject FOMO, embrace JOMO.

Now that we can prove our identity on Mastodon via Keybase, wouldn't it be nice if I could move my entire social graph (content & relationships) to another fediverse account that I can prove my identity for?

That would truly give me the freedom over my account and make me independent from the instance I initially signed up with.

If you build <it>, and <it> requires a version of the compiler that doesn't exist yet, will they come?

"git commit -a" is what I call a cowboy-commit, and I still think git should flag and expose commits as such.

Not that I mind anyone using it (carefully), but it would make me extra wary when reviewing a commit. It should be the absolute exception, not the standard way of committing things.

Do it properly and always review your individual changes once more! Use "git add -p"!

You will soon love it and whoever reviews your code will love you for using it!

Vogon social media:
"Die in the vacuum of space or... tell me how good you thought my blog was!"

The entire field of computing could use an Akaike Information Criterion for tooling and user interfaces.

Excited to announce release 0.3.0 of coulomb: statically checked unit types for 🎉

I am concerned that there is a Peter Principle of side projects.

"Primarily it is because these businesses have no business model. They were made and given away free. ...
And the investor seeks a big return."


I used to hope my daughter would never have to learn what is.

Nuclear Winter From an India-Pakistan War Could Kill 2 Billion

TFW you realize 1/3 of your browser tabs are google search pages you used to open the other 2/3 of the tabs. It's like the memory model of browsing 🙄

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