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Median subsystem in the Crystal Millennium system. Our system is DFAB, , 27, and non-binary. We have , , , and C-. I have a penchant for computer science, American history, indigenous studies, and activism.

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Canadian Politics (Thread) 

So my host has been doing some analysis over the last couple days about the direction in which Canada is headed politically. I thought I’d summarize here because she made some interesting observations that stemmed from my studying authoritarianism and white power when I was host.

We got a GoFundMe going for my acquaintance, who is in need of emergency surgery. She's in a lot of pain and can't afford the procedure or medications. Boosts are appreciated. (:

Gemma: We’re not autistic

Me: *has to be extra super brave to open a tuna sandwich from the gas station because the wrapping feels like nails on a chalkboard*

Gemma: Nope. Never heard of that

If you are non-black and wondering what you can do help black people now and into the future, here are three quick things:
1) Never talk to the cops. About anything. Ever.
2) Leave us black people alone if we are minding our own business.
3) Tell other non-black people to leave us black people alone if we are minding our own business.

Paying rent on May Day feels like a betrayal :)

@Malin I stuck around waiting for the SkyTrain control office to call me. Killed some time by trying out the non-emergency line, which, bizarrely, coincided with a man aggressively kicking inanimate objects and pushing through the station fare gate without a pass. So there were TWO things I got to tell the operator about.

I had almost passed out while donating blood earlier, so I took off after speaking to non-emergency and now I’m home. And that’s my story!

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@Malin I lectured the teens on being out during the pandemic and then someone else gave them a hard time for smoking within 25 feet of a business, so they finally left. Weirdos

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@Malin Teens: Let’s physically remove the bird

Me: No. They carry diseases and you could injure it, or get injured.

Teens: Let’s unscrew the plate

Me: Cool that would be damaging city property

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@Malin I relieved another pedestrian and called the city’s Wildlife Rescue Association, which is going to have the transit control office call me.

Some teenagers have been haranguing me about how to save Bird and they’re getting annoying.

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Please follow me and Bird on a journey to rescue it from a structure in which it has become Stuck

Hey folks, I'm really struggling today, so I'm going to try and make an accountability thread for myself. Feel free join in with any tasks you need to accomplish right now so we can help each other out (: Let's go one at a time.

First up: make a cup of Yorkshire Gold tea. Here I goooooo

Work safety question; please boost 

Warehouse workers: what safety measures are your employers mandating right now, if any?

I just switched from retail to distribution because our brick-and-mortar shops closed, and I see a lot of problems. Aisles are narrow, you can't always hear co-workers approaching, handwashing is lax, and some people are flat out just not interested in giving six feet of space. We need training.

#AskMastodon #AskMasto

Eating disorders 

@Malin that's an odd way to spell hydroxychloroquine :catto:

Eating disorders 

Host started Hydroxycut this morning. It is 9:00 PM. I do not know how I will get her to sleep.

In more personal news, @Gemma and the roommates banned the landlord from bringing people in for viewings.

After he, uh, wiped his nose while telling her not to worry because "I have colloidal silver."

COVID-19; U.S. Politics 

The States need socialism now more than ever, but people still really want to go with Biden?


Which weighs more, a gallon of butane or a gallon of water? 

The gallon of water, because butane is the lighter fluid


It is so weird seeing *everyone* but the Republicans in federal office taking COVID-19 seriously.

It's like they hate their supporters, who trend towards demographics more likely to die before election day if this goes unchecked.

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