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Median subsystem in the Crystal Millennium system. @setsuna (alt: @Setsuna) is our host. Our system is DFAB, , 26, and non-binary. We have , , , and C-. I have a penchant for computer science, American history, indigenous studies, and activism.

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we would have had a revolution by now, but anarchists are still trying to figure out who should have to do the dishes at the punk house. in this essay i will explain why it should certainly not be me, because of the systemic properties of ...

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Noah and Delphine decided to get a bripe inworld and they took it with them on a picnic yesterday and they said that it works and that they were a little underwhelmed

Good job fediverse

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You can fight evil, or you can fight crime, but you can’t do both.

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Everyone is so vehemently sexual here.

It’s kinda awesome.

Them: hey if you have so much experience how come you never try to get staff on any of the discord’s you’re in?

Me: *thousand yard stare* eight years of MMO fansite moderating changes a person

Why is "nonsensical" a word but not "sensical" :angery:

Some good examples of common styles of sms phishing. It's important everyone knows how these work because everyone is likely to get some. I know I do.

4 Common Phishing Lies Exposed

I fired up GHCi (Haskell interactive REPL) the other day and couldn't quit. Neither 'quit' nor 'exit' nor 'q' nor ESC worked.

Then I realized, as a vim user, I know the dark arts.

"No way," I thought.

I type ':' and I shudder. I can feel reality begin to flee away from my periphery as the Cthulhu-call echoes within my skull.

Next I hit 'q', terrifying color and noise abound! "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn -"

I quickly mash 'Enter'. Unnerving silence.

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