I could finally implement the translation feature!
Still some work to do...it doesn't seem to work with toots including hashtags....working on it!

+1. Mainstream social networks can never match this. Due to open-source nature, users submit feedback and suggestions to the core team. There has been 1400 such feedback submitted, out of which 800+ had been implemented. This is excluding other informal feedback channels.

This rapid rate of iteration implementing user feedback will simply lead to a platform which just creates massive value for its users, even though users number is small by comparison to mainstream social networks 🐘

Watched the new Silicon Valley episode. I loved it *so much*.

Startups and comedy are the two things in life that I'm the most passionate about, they combine everything that's awesome in this world. And this show has both.

Super happy and inspired right now =)

#tv #startups #siliconvalley

Unless housing costs $50/month, people should stop asking why a homeless person has a cell phone #Showerthoughts t.co/XyJD2HbuED

pls give me likes and boosts so i don't regret deleting birdsite pls im begging u

my mentions are telling me that mastodon is definitely not dead

Does anyone have a method or solution to synchronize free/busy between Exchange 2016 and Google Calendar?

@lmorchard @MHogue next thing you know @kevinmarks will be asking for webmention support!

That _is_ actually a good idea if the articles themselves could be aware of discussions.

@funkcoaster if you haven't check it out already, Amaroq is a really slick client for iOS. Nothing great for iPad yet that I've found, short of just using the HTML5 interface. itunes.apple.com/us/app/amaroq

My button came this week and I got it hooked up to IFTTT via nodejs & webhooks. Makes it super-simple to run some basic applets to send various SMS. Next step: remote control.

@ashfurrow Are there any specific guidelines for bots on this instance? The primary instance of the HN bot appears down and I'd love to get one up and running here. Any concerns? github.com/raymestalez/mastodo

So far reminds me of the early days of birdsite before it was invaded by marketers and bots. What lessons are there to learn from that to help prevent us getting to that place?

@buttros you can just follow people from other instances by searching them via @username@instancename .

In order to discover people you might take into public timelines of instances using unmung.com/mastoview?url=masto

Or use hashtags to find people with common interests.

You can also search via cler.ical.ist/ to find people. #mastodon #mastodon101

Your webapp is serverless? Oh so you use Amazon Lambda and S3?

Please. My webapp can be run by double-clicking "index.html" from a CD.


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