The University of Lincoln Game Dev Society are doing an amazing job raising money for charity as part of the SU's 'Raising and Giving' week. £720 so far and still a few hours left!

This UK vs Canada is the first game I've watched, and I instantly wish I'd watched more! Entertaining first map, good job UK keep it up!

My @Super6: CDF 0-2 LEI, EVT 2-0 BHA, NEW 2-1 WAT, WHA 1-0 BUR, DER 2-0 BIR, HUL 0-2 WBA

Anyone have a source for audio books? Started listening to them on my commute again but Audible gets expensive when a token only lasts a week!

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Watching the University of Lincoln graduation ceremony. Looking good in the cathedral!

Interesting that Logan is #64 of the IMDB top 250. Makes me want to see it even more!

I was aware of Maplin's reputation for being over priced, but just been absolutely shocked at how much they charge for VGA cables!

Clear influence of big Dunc as a coach there!

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Okay, rolled out some commits that were made yesterday. I've also updated the Heroku configuration so this instance supports 2FA 🎉

Another interesting front line for the . Looking at how close the times are it's going to be a good race!

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Does somebody want to help pitch-in to start-up a mastodon instance? I can help setup the instance.

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I don't think I ever gave Ello a fair shot when it had that initial growth burst, so I'm thinking Mastodon probably deserves a more sincere attempt.

I'll start with just today - I'll post only here, and see how it feels.

Already the upped character count is so damn niiiice

Anyone know if the instance coming back up? Seemed a good idea. I'm almost considering instances like lists of particular interests on Mastodon atm, similar to using lists on Twitter.

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For the first time in a long time, I’m actually excited about interacting with a new community on the Internet.

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