The Wikidata Image Positions tool (wd-image-positions.toolforge.o) now lets you scale the image (resize, zoom in / out), making it easier to work with high-resolution images like the map from three weeks ago:


the Wikidata Image Positions tool (wd-image-positions.toolforge.o) now supports, in addition to “depicts”, the property “named place on map”, which can also have “relative position within image” qualifiers; example: wd-image-positions.toolforge.o


Also, you can now paste various URLs into the input fields on the tool’s index page, instead of having to pick out the item ID or file name by hand:

And finally, NoScript users will now see a notice informing them why they can’t use the tool’s edit features, so they might want to turn on JavaScript :) (but fear not – the scaling feature has a working no-JS version!)

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