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Hi, I'm Loy. Have been on the for a while but did not do proper . I'm a father to the sweetest son I can imagine, 2nd kid on the way. Work 99% , in . Kid leaves time for 1 hobby, which is : I run a mixed group of 11-15 y/o kids and manage our scout building. Used to do @Home for a hobby but that is a thing of the past I'm afraid. Occasionally I do some and I'm busy reducing the energy needs of our home.

Finally all 3 doors in place. This took way too much time, should hire a handyman for a next time. Which there shouldn't be and probably the good ones are booked full months in advance.

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Forgot that it was a much warmer winter, that also makes a difference of course.

I have some data on temperature and gas usage since halfway 2020, so want to compare m³/degree-day still and see if that changes

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There's 2 slides, 2 trampolines, see-saws and bouncy animals. Kid plays with: an I'll fitting gate that can't close

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RT @HannesBepunkt
LUKA from @mojin_robotics handling boxes like a pro. Running smoothly on

Wow, nice! Really significant effect to our energy saving measures since late last year:
- Temp. set to 19°C
- Internal doors in the hallway
- Better insulated front door and replaced the last old double glass pane with a new one.
- Adjusted some settings of the heating system

Just had a big power outage in my area, because of a gas leak way 'upstream' of the big cable. Our solar panels were generating much more than we needed, but still the light (and more important at the time: monitors) went out.
Is there no *safe* way to go into some sort of self-reliance mode in these events?

Seeing all those typo's: maybe typing and posting during said meeting was not the best idea. Let's blame it on sun glare

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Weather is good, working for home, so daily scrum standup @mojin_robotics in the sun 😎

Apparently I need a better clip on the accessory trays on the tool cases. I think I found back all the bits and accessories now.

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Yesterday, some bits and a forstner drill bit magically went missing from my electric screwdriver's case. I found most of the stuff except one thing. I just found it! Can you spot it below?

And painting of course...
And did I mention I have to mount 2 more for 3 in total...
One flush, the other with a little lip that goes over the frame. Any clues what that's called in English?

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Finally done! Needed to saw off just a couple of millimeters, as as with everything in this house, it's all crooked a little bit.

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And of course the actual door didn't go right the first try. Had to make some adjustments, so not the super snug fit I was going for.

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This test piece is actually not too shabby for the fit. Now for the hard part: where to put them

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I'm going to hang new more sound damping doors to the bedrooms. At least, I think I am. Routing out the slots for the hinges is taking some practice to get right. Making a template and already took more attempts to get that right than the amount of hinges I need the template for. The hinges have a radius on their mount plate larger than my templating guide and largest routing bit.
Not to mention measuring where to put the template.

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