ROS merchandise/gadget idea: a physical Pose-marker (red/green/blue arrows), with some magnets on it or a stand so you can put in it any direction

Lego is also a great tool for prototyping robot kinematics. Yes, sitting on the floor and ruffling through a box of Lego can be work even when you don't work for . Need to get those black pins!

Our finals video, now with subs&visuals etc:
featuring `smach.StateMachine.add("SWORDFIGHT", LightSaber(robot), transitions={"done": "done"})` and our very nice Telegram_ros interface (which you can get from

Code like
`smach.StateMachine.add("LASER_POINTING", DriveAndSwordFight(robot), transitions={"done": "FIND_PEOPLE"})`
Helped us become world champions in

So happy we finally won RoboCup@Home, in the Domestic Standard Platform league with our robot HERO. I've been in this game since 2011, 3x 2nd place... It took an enormous amount of time, thousands of lines of code, but now the prize is ours!

Athome arena is hijacked by rescue robots while the home robots are out in the restaurant (which is of course in an unannounced unknown place)

Oh FFS, you have got to be kidding me... The smallest details!

Sorry for flipped video and language 🤐

Tomorrow, HERO will be a receptionist for @Home it'll wait for new guest, learn their name, appearence and favorite drink. Then, it'll go to the living room to introduce the new guest to home-owner John and finally assign them an empty seat. And then repeat for new guests

Despite years of experience, I'm still happy and a bit surprised when a new feature works exactly as expected first time it's run on the actual robot instead of simulation. Should be more common...

Look at this fancy new UI on HERO's head. It'll show what it's saying (like subtitles) and indicate when you should talk, along with other instruction images

If all is well, our robot HERO should now be able to guide guests to an empty seat. Robot is not here yet so can't test fully yet @Home .

There we are again, for another tournament, this time in Sydney. Robots haven't arrived yet, so for now it's just hacking in the hotel.

Apparently, running docker can make those public WiFi hotspot login pages not work on a Linux system, as Docker routes some traffic into it's own subnet. Super annoying but glad I heard someone mention this.

So, I've been trying out behavior trees. BTs need some time to wrap your head around, but got the hang of it after a few days. I like very much. is also nice but not as complete (yet!) as py-trees. I'm also more fluent in Python too

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It is done, the long rule of "beep" has ended, now "boop" reigns supreme.

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