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So what's the deal with disabling quite literally all of my addons?

The source code for Windows troubleshooting program has leaked.

Time to load up on podcasts and videos before my short trip.

It's so easy for an emotional parent to fall for this one

WhatsApp and Instagram down simultaneously. Monopoly is bullshit.

Just replaced Google+ with Mastodon in the social links section on the website! Represent!

Honestly, the public timelines are useless. It’s basically 98% news bots and crossposts.

How long will be seeing G+ share buttons after The Great Shuttering? It will be like MCCAIN-PALIN bumper stickers only worse.

Cheap, reliable, accurate, pretty. Isn't that the balance of technology?

Testing out a bit of colour editing via Snapseed. Handy little app, I think.

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